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    Player Report

    So in the first clip it shows us forcefully taking money from him in cuffs. In real life, when having a hostage I am sure they wouldn't remove zipties to make them drop the money, they would just take it. Secondly, you were warned to shut up and stop speaking, yet you proceeded to not listen to...
  2. Alpha

    Describe the members profile picture above you in one word.

  3. Alpha

    Wrong Answers Only

    cus they were too good how long should you sleep for?
  4. Alpha

    The count to 1 Million!

  5. Alpha

    Elite Government

  6. Alpha

    MAP Sewers

    yuh +support like you could escape bank raids and raids easy by just going into the sewers
  7. Alpha

    The count to 1 Million!

  8. Alpha

    Alpha's Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Alpha Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:164478836 Your Character Name: Joe Snow Ban Length: 3 Days Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @TheCrustyPlayer™ Ban Reason: Staff Disrespect Unban Reason: I had just finished from a sit, involving Mr.Alex, TheCrustyPlayer...
  9. Alpha


    In-Game Name: Joe Snow Steam Name: Alpha SteamID: STEAM_0:1:164478836 Date and time of loss: Not sure. Earlier today. Probably like 12:00 AM GMT What happened: So we did a bank raid and it got voided by @Airless because a Security Guy NLR'd. I was then told to make a refund request by @Mr.Alex...
  10. Alpha

    Gun Store

    When’s shop reopening?
  11. Alpha

    MRP Realistic Weapon Damage

    Description of suggestion: Add more Realistic damage when shot with guns. For example, if shot in one of the two arms, your aim should be less controlled. If shot in the feet/legs, you should move slower. And well if shot in the head, you should die (it is very rare that people survive headshots...
  12. Alpha

    Tell your Cocaine stories! Best or Worst.

    I got one, I was ready to collect my cool sulfuric acid out of the pot when all of a sudden I lag and get the server offline screen. Turns out it was not offline, because by the time it had stopped showing me that screen I was already dead and the house burning.
  13. Alpha

    Baude's Guns [TEMP CLOSED]

    Okay will be online soon
  14. Alpha

    Baude's Guns [TEMP CLOSED]

    Would you maybe do like 38.5k? In the middle