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  1. Nakeys

    Old Guys Club.

    Introduction Hey Monolith! Not much to say, this is a small org and the purpose is just to enjoy the server once against. The plan is to do a couple of activities but not the basic 24/7 farming type of org. This Club is made of people who already have or had money and are just down to do fun...
  2. Nakeys

    Guess im back

    My boyyyyy! its been such a long time, great to see you still playing!
  3. Nakeys


    In Game Name - Cédric Tremblay Bank Screenshots - Skills/Level Screenshots -...
  4. Nakeys

    Guess im back

    Hey there, Some of you might remember me as Cedric! I had a bunch of different family names, depending witch org i was in! The most recent org i chill with was The Veira but before that I was in Century Street Mafia, BBc and a bunch of different org that changed name every other week and that i...
  5. Nakeys

    [OFFICIAL] National Hitmen Association [Bounty Board]

    Why should we hire you? : I was born in Monoford, I know the streets like my pocket. I also had the chance to hang out with major organisation and developed my skills with them (killing and vanishing). Furthermore, I know some of your members and already worked well with them. I'm not doing this...
  6. Nakeys

    Backwood rebels

    All good! I will join the org if you want me in joseph
  7. Nakeys

    Backwood rebels

    Pls change the name of the org :)
  8. Nakeys

    War Status

    I mean a lot of us have 30+ gun already
  9. Nakeys

    MRP BUG Crash

    I dont know whats doing this but since a week there is a lot of crash... In a space of 20mins alex crashed in front of the bank and i crash at r10 20mins later. The only thing that come to my mind is that in both situation there was a gunfight. Exept of that i dont know what is causing the game...
  10. Nakeys


    hey! hope you enjoy the server! :)
  11. Nakeys

    Karma | Introduction |

    You seems like a super cool dude! Welcome to monolith :)
  12. Nakeys


  13. Nakeys

    Forum name change

    Nakeys ( remove the LG in front of it) thx you :)
  14. Nakeys

    Tass Gill's Mining Service

    I will be online onlu saturday
  15. Nakeys

    Tass Gill's Mining Service

    x5 coal x 5 iron Cedric Accardo