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Sgt. Jelly Bean (MEOW)
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  • Now for my status. I have to get my braces tightened (Yes, I need braces at 21, my teeth look crooked). I'm also trading in one of my (rl) cars for something faster in the next few days, I'll keep you up to date with that. I'm sorry for a late status, I forgot about it.

    Time and date of post (2 day interval between posts, with exceptions of news, Saturdays, etc.): 8:27 AM 5/14/2019
    I'm now going to work much longer (But... I start at 4 am, I leave at 12. I'll get on around noon to 3, depending on plans.) (sticky, so therefore this won't have a date.)
    Work sucks. Thats why i dont work xD
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