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  1. sil

    MRP Mayor Overhaul [Pt.1] — The Election System

    Looking forward to the other parts.
  2. sil

    MRP Dead Body Forensics

  3. sil

    that profile picture does not look vegan

    that profile picture does not look vegan
  4. sil

    thinking about boiling water reactors

    thinking about boiling water reactors
  5. sil

    INFO Monolith Anniversary Newsletter

    You were there too? Christ. EDIT: Ah, you were only in the Rockford one. phew.
  6. sil

    MRP [SUGGESTION] Police All-Points Bulletin (APB) System

    We were planning an overhaul of the warrant system in the future. Adding this would be a nice addition to it.
  7. sil

    MRP Higher betting on the roulette table

    then don't play :) just with /roll and such.
  8. sil

    MRP Existing Ticket Notice

    Could instead limit ticketing targets for a certain period of time. E.g. a two cops can't ticket the same person within 15 minutes or so. I can't remember quite if that's a feature or not already; if it is we can increase the timer.
  9. sil

    MRP Higher betting on the roulette table

    Increasing the max bet would add a lot of volatility in the economy, as major players may be winning/losing a lot of money, causing inflation/deflation etc. Since it's a generator of money, we want to place limits on it so as to not destroy everyone's accounts, whether by adding or removing too...
  10. sil

    MRP Roulette table multiple bets

    This was originally a feature but was recently removed due to some incompatibilities with the roulette system. Denied.
  11. sil

    MRP Prison Upgrade

  12. sil

    FEEDBACK Vehicle Balancing

    Hey all, We're taking a look at the vehicles currently in the game and wish to balance them more. As you know, there are quite a lot. In addition to doing our development behind closed doors, we'd like to hear from the community for your thoughts on the current vehicle speeds, prices, etc...
  13. sil

    MRP hide organization when on duty

    Aren't there government organizations too? They're not reserved for just criminal ones.
  14. sil

    MRP Re-up Holdem Tables

    Accepted, but it will likely be a different amount.