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  1. xSteelCurtain43

    Ban Appeal (Almost 3 years)

    I understand everything you said, Thank you.
  2. xSteelCurtain43

    Ban Appeal (Almost 3 years)

    Steam Name: Swagman6969 Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from Your Character Name: I’m honestly not sure I think it might have been John Doe. I’m really not sure Ban Length: My ban was a perma ban. Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to...
  3. xSteelCurtain43

    Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Benson Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from STEAM_0:1:495268162 Your Character Name: John Doe Ban Length: Permanent Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @Deku Ban Reason: Mass RDM Unban Reason: I admit what I did was wrong and stupid to...