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  1. Gideon


  2. Gideon


    Hello, The actions you and fish demonstrated were clearly against the rules, we cannot have someone that is persistent in breaking the rules and not knowing the limits/boundaries as a police officer, whether being pressured or not, you completely agreed with fish knowing full well it was RDM...
  3. Gideon

    wEEDLE bl;astlist appeal

    With his history, that would warrant more than a 1-day blacklist, please do not misuse /ad like that. Appeal Denied In the future please tell him to create an appeal of his own. Locked and Moved.
  4. Gideon

    Metrocop Helmet

  5. Gideon


    I hopped on PD and there was an ongoing sting operation with you and other PD officers, I stayed in L1 until backup was called to L2, I reminded you right after you took the weapons to destroy them, you didn't, I asked you over-radio and you said "Yeah" as seen in your video. Why would you lie...
  6. Gideon

    2020 Demonnic Witch Hat

  7. Gideon

    Hats, Hats, Hats!

    @heater How much would you say for the demonic witchat?
  8. Gideon

    2020 Demonnic Witch Hat

    I am also intersted ^
  9. Gideon

    Hat Auction

    wait do you no longer have the demonic spookfest witch hat?
  10. Gideon

    Hat Auction

    @Navetta I'll buy it for 120k
  11. Gideon

    merry chrysler

    merry chrysler
  12. Gideon

    Metrocop Helmet

    still looking to sell the helmet
  13. Gideon


    I can confirm the refund, The player was mugged in a public location, police intervened and confiscated items off of the player and the mugger, since the player full-died the items disappeared from the PD lockers as I attempted to take him and retrieve the items from there. I am able to...
  14. Gideon

    Blacklist Appeal.

    You repeatedly returned to kill the chief, hindering his duties, your history warranted a much longer blacklist but I gave you the benefit of the doubt, you were apologetic and willing to learn, such thing may also be classed as Mass RDM, which is punishable by a ban, but I overlooked that in...
  15. Gideon

    Blacklist Appeal

    During the sit you stated something along the lines "I do not give a shit", this changed my opinion about your case, your demeanor during the sit felt like you were trying to imply: "I don't care". I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Appeal Accepted, Reduced to 3 days.
  16. Gideon

    Metrocop Helmet

    ayt, next time you hop on let's decide on a deal
  17. Gideon


    I can confirm
  18. Gideon

    Metrocop Helmet

    I have 1 metrocop helmet, I am looking to get around 1 million for it, Includes hundreds of voice commands + upcoming modifications. Price is negotiable
  19. Gideon

    Refund request

    I can confirm the refund
  20. Gideon

    Refund request due to rdm

    I can confirm, he is able to refunded for those items.