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  1. Jordan Vercetti

    Shabzino, Slick, and Jordan Vercetti Mentor/Staff Report/ MSide Cheating report.

    When did I die? How is it VDM When he was literally in the middle of the road around a corner? How did i RDM him when i literally told him not to speak or hell die with a gun at his head and he did it anyways?
  2. Jordan Vercetti

    Shabzino, Slick, and Jordan Vercetti Mentor/Staff Report/ MSide Cheating report.

    The stretch is INSANE! I was a tow truck driver towing vehicles at the pier if you want to rewind your demo. I then was shot by 2 people towing a car while they had m249s and other weapons, this led me to get off of tow truck driver seeing that there were a lot people with guns so I went around...
  3. Jordan Vercetti

    Player Report

    If you followed my orders by introducing yourself you wouldnt have died because you have to put ur hands down. If i killed you if you put ur hands down to introduce (which i wouldnt because its common sense that you have to do it) Then that would be RDM. You obviously did not follow my commands...
  4. Jordan Vercetti

    Player Report

    I also NEVER said if you put ur hands down you die, which you implied i did MULTIPLE times in the sit.
  5. Jordan Vercetti

    Player Report

    You did not fulfill my orders as you spoke instead of simply putting your hands down and introduced. If you put your hands down and i killed you THEN it would be RDM as you were simply fulfilling orders. I told you to introduce (which obviously you have to put ur hands down and do) and you...
  6. Jordan Vercetti

    Staff Report

    It also does the same thing when one of u said jimmy viera. The radio bottom right disappeared before you guys stopped talking. It did the same with slick. You said you arent reporting heater for punishment but then your stretching small things in the video to make them seem like rulebreaks.
  7. Jordan Vercetti

    Possible Cheating

    the steamid is STEAM_1:1:119058014
  8. Jordan Vercetti

    FailRP and RDM

    Your Steam Name: JORDN Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:173666525 Your Character Name: Jordan Vercetti Target Steam Name: Aleski Target SteamID: STEAM_0:0:173418825 Target Character Name (if known): Aleski Sokolov Request Reason: RDM | FailRP | Unauthorized Corruption When did the situation occur...
  9. Jordan Vercetti

    monocoin purchace

    The XP is bonus xp: (You gain 2x XP until you gain an extra 50K, Hence the 50k bonus you bought with monocoins) You dont just get the XP outright.
  10. Jordan Vercetti


    accepted you are now the owner of mside
  11. Jordan Vercetti


    no denied
  12. Jordan Vercetti


    You will be accepted on a couple terms. | 80% of your income goes to Mside, You will pay a 450k Recruitment fee to Mside, You will give 90% of your weapons and items to Mside, You will be required to water everyones plants for at least 4 hours everyday from 1 PM EST to 4 PM EST | Do you accept?
  13. Jordan Vercetti


    werent u in gelato?
  14. Jordan Vercetti

    EVENT French Invasion

    ban them when they join for not speaking english and we win
  15. Jordan Vercetti

    Ideas on how to Improve/Repair Monolith.

    so your idea to BALANCE the fights is make police insanely OP and nerf civilians armor? This suggestion makes 0 sense and is obviously just to enhance the server for cop mains this doesn't bring balance at all. cops have 2 lives, a bunch of guns they can choose from for 2k, $100 armor and free...
  16. Jordan Vercetti

    Ideas on how to Improve/Repair Monolith.

    cop idea is bad cops already have unlimited durability with any attachment they want at barely and price and no price with a mayor. Cops lose zero when they die and the civs have everything to lose. You want to buff police to be pretty much unstoppable which will cause more players to lose more...
  17. Jordan Vercetti

    Bring Back Monolith 2023

    im positive they're aware that the server needs players to be active again.
  18. Jordan Vercetti


    In-Game Name: jordan verceiet Steam Name: jordn SteamID: 76561198307598779 Date and time of loss (specify the timezone): 1:45 am est What happened: was rdmed infront of a teller in bank and guy left to avoid dropping the items and lied in sit What do you need refunded: 2 kev, 7 small meds, 2...
  19. Jordan Vercetti

    Got warned over a imaginary/grey rule (Make Rule changes)

    shouldn't even need a suggestion on staff not being able to punish over imaginary rules. bubba rice is 100% right. If its not a rule then its not the players fault either make the rule clear or dont punish for it AT ALL
  20. Jordan Vercetti

    Cheater Report