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  1. Afash

    Kxntsugii's RR

  2. Afash


    I can confirm that @Breiceheidd lost the following due to a RDM. The reported Player got Automatically Banned (And the picked items are scheduled to be removed from him when he joins back). 12x kerosene, 12x Jerry cans, 12x sulfuric acid, 12x drafting buckets, 1x cooking stove 1x dirty...
  3. Afash


    Due to a player combat depositing his stuff before 10 mins, I can confirm that @Sushi is entitled to a refund of 1x kerosene, 1x packing box, 1x drafting bucket, 1x sulfuric acid, 17x cocaine, 1x AK-47, 48 coca leaves. The items will be removed from the reported player. Regards, Afash
  4. Afash


  5. Afash

    Austin Cofeven Failing to Comply with Monolith State Law

    Thank you for your report. it is totally unacceptable to see one of our officers driving like this. We will talk to the respective officer and deal with the situation internally. Best regards, Chief. Afash Luco MPD Supervisor
  6. Afash

    I got your back, suspect

    Hello, As the second highest rank in PD, you are required to be professional and show good leadership skills. When someone is Warranted, you can always check the Police computer to get more details about the Warrant. in this incidence Captain Santos also shows lack of knowledge of the laws, as...
  7. Afash


    Hello, Thanks for your report. This incidence will recorded on the Police file of the reported Detective, and it will be handled internally. Kind regards, Chief. Afash Luco Police Supervisor.
  8. Afash


    Thread Locked, under investigation.
  9. Afash

    Weapon blacklist appeal

    Hi. So, as I told you in the sit, you ignored all the above rules and just wanted to argue about this small part "fail to fulfill requested demands." which, in this case, was unnecessary to shoot to kill. You should have shot once in the leg for example and then if she kept talking you can...
  10. Afash

    Refund request to mass rdming security guard

    I can confirm that he lost M4 carbine x1, Kev w. Helm, 4 First Aid small, Holster due to a RDM. the gun was confiscated. Regarding the Reflex sight I cannot confirm that, so @REPARATIONS if you got a video or a screenshot to prove that, then go ahead.
  11. Afash


    Hi Tye, I was watching that incidence, and I already know how you think. This is not your first sit, and you know the rules sooo good, but sadly you still break them. I already told you, your life and your friend's life were not at risk. Still you decided to use your car as a weapon and VDM'd...
  12. Afash


    I can confirm that due to a player looting and leaving the game during a raid while under an active shootout, spark may have the requested items of x1ACR/x1Vector/x1M1911/x1kevlar with helm that the raider looted. The items that were looted are planned to be removed from the raider once he...
  13. Afash

    AFK Blacklist

    @John Leonard
  14. Afash

    Universal Union

    Universal Union Member List Updated. - ADDED Morohoshi San & Rusty Bot has joined the Universal Union
  15. Afash

    ban appeal

    Hello @Bob ross As I explained to you in game with all respect the reasons of this ban, I am going to deny this ban appeal. Your unban reason is not convincing. I gave you a chance to correct your mistake in game without any punishments, but your reply was unmature and reckless with a tone of...
  16. Afash

    ban appeal

    First of all add your correct Steam ID and Steam Name. Secondly is this a staff report or is this your ban appeal?
  17. Afash


    Definitely one of the best videos about Monolith, this video just made my day.
  18. Afash


    I can confirm that due to an RDM by an Alt account, @Jordan Oliver lost an 1x M4, 1x Ziptie and 1x Kev w Helm. The reported player lost the illegal items after he got arrested by cops (items confiscated). The reported player is banned permanently.
  19. Afash

    FearRP 1 person, shooting tires not false code red?

    As I understand the rule of FearRP it's always two people aiming the gun at you. But if you are in a car, then it's if the driver is under a gunpoint from the driver side window (One gun, and not two). If my understanding is wrong, then I believe that should be mentioned on the rule itself...
  20. Afash

    May your buns never burn.

    May your buns never burn.