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  1. DevulTj

    Discord mute appeal

    Denied. It's quite obvious that you shouldn't post like this - some time away will make you learn about posting nsfw content.
  2. DevulTj

    FEEDBACK Petition for Rockford to stay till Monoford.

    That's the plan if people love it. :)
  3. DevulTj

    Update 5.2 - Anniversary Release Changelog

    Made by @MelodyRain (submit your art here) UPDATE 5.2.0 NOTE: This is not all of the changes, just the ones we deem necessary to document. ADDITIONS Daily Rewards System You can now receive boosters & other cool gear from joining the server every day - Joining every day in succession will...
  4. DevulTj

    update 5.1 my status

    You don't seem to get that the staff aren't going to treat you any differently just because you donate. That's dumb, and 100% wrong. You're assuming how the staff view you, because when staff are in game, they commit all their decisions with objectivity in mind. Stop causing drama for the sake...
  5. DevulTj

    update 5.1 my status

    Lockpick price was a mistake. Use Door Charges if you suck at the lockpicking minigame. How does this make new players leave when they aren't going to be raiding? It's hard to listen to you when you're shouting random words without any kind of reinforcement whatsoever.
  6. DevulTj

    Report on DevulJT

    I am speechless.
  7. DevulTj

    Report on DevulJT

    This text proves otherwise. You didn't talk about the producer ONCE.
  8. DevulTj

    Update 5.1 - Release Changelog

    NOTE: This is not all of the changes, just the ones we deem necessary to document. ADDITIONS New lockpicking system. Enhanced Electricity system with new Residential Extension Leads. New Beta Nameplates which you can toggle in the Options Menu. Truenorth Map Edits Added Door Charges which you...
  9. DevulTj

    Pete Castiglione Refund Request

    You can only refund items from yourself.
  10. DevulTj

    Will Monolith Stay Modded?

    Probably not for a long while.
  11. DevulTj

    Have a safe flight <3

    Have a safe flight <3
  12. DevulTj

    Ban Appeal from AcefullAlex

    Yeah. Not a chance. We have a non-tolerance policy for cheaters.
  13. DevulTj

    MRP Bank Account Idea

    It's actually planned with Crew Banks. :)
  14. DevulTj

    MRP Compass Map Additon thing

  15. DevulTj

    Want a forum signature?

  16. DevulTj

    Want a forum signature?

    I mean...he only did signatures because I made a few official Monolith don't see me complaining.
  17. DevulTj

    nothing was wrong in the sentence m8

    nothing was wrong in the sentence m8
  18. DevulTj

    Unban me plz

    Accepted. Don't mess around again, that whole situation was not funny and it puts you in the wrong spotlight.
  19. DevulTj


    No one will care about your appeal if you're going to cry about it. Denied.
  20. DevulTj

    They'll still find a way to complain. :)

    They'll still find a way to complain. :)