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  1. Dominic Brooklier

    Recycling With GS9

    Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths
  2. Dominic Brooklier

    Recycling With GS9

    Roleplay Name - Dominic Brooklier Steam Name - SomeDude Organization you're in - None, I am a lone wolf Order - 30x AK‘s Total Price - This sounds absurd, but 150k
  3. Dominic Brooklier

    Wilson Manager/Zyke Desire

    Welcome to the forums
  4. Dominic Brooklier

    The new trail has started!

    Dominic Brooklier has returned to Truenorth city after being in Rockford for a while. The only reason he returned, is because he was missing the people of Monolith. I will be happy to see y‘all ingame :)
  5. Dominic Brooklier

    Victor Corporation

    Come back!
  6. Dominic Brooklier

    My Trail has ended.

    Auf Wiedersehen, und auch noch schöne Grüße an das Personal Team! (I am German)
  7. Dominic Brooklier

    My Trail has ended.

    No crying now, @Thy . You have been added <3
  8. Dominic Brooklier

    My Trail has ended.

  9. Dominic Brooklier

    My Trail has ended.

    Be sure!
  10. Dominic Brooklier

    My Trail has ended.

    You too! <3
  11. Dominic Brooklier

    My Trail has ended.

    Captain, I SAID CAPTAIN xD
  12. Dominic Brooklier

    My Trail has ended.

    This has been on my mind for a while now but I have just not been enjoying the server as much as I once used to. I have had a lot fun times and I have met a lot great people in both the normal playerbase and the staff team and I wanna thank every single one of you, I can't do this because I...
  13. Dominic Brooklier

    Monster News - Articles

    At 2 P.M. GMT+1 Townhall, there will be an exorcism. Be prepared and see for yourself
  14. Dominic Brooklier

    Truenorth Marshals Union

    Good luck with your Organization! If you ever need any help, just ask the Floridians :)
  15. Dominic Brooklier

    Free Banners for forum signatures/youtube, ect.

    Discord Name and #: SomeDude#7367 YouTube or Mono Signature?: Mono What do you want on it?: ** Dominic Brooklier Organization: Floridians Pictures to provide?: Just like the Floridians one.
  16. Dominic Brooklier

    Rate the song above you

    ^^ That right there 9/10 Now lets see:
  17. Dominic Brooklier

    The Floridians

    Name: Dominic Brooklier Steam Name: SomeDude Player Level: 50~60 Current Wealth: I currently have 70k. Current Organization: None Why should I accept you (paragraph minimum). I really was a lone wolf since the past month. Haven‘t talked to anybody. And suprisingly I took a break from...
  18. Dominic Brooklier

    The Belinni Family

    How do you even apply xD
  19. Dominic Brooklier

    Forum name change

    Dominic Brooklier