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  1. Thy

    Lawrence’s Goodbye

    Just want to mention that the ban would have been extended regardless of the appeal as nothing in the appeal itself warranted an extension, so you should not feel bad about that.
  2. Thy

    Lawrence - Ban appeal

    Your ban has been discussed and a conclusion has been reached. You were in no danger, the cop didn't talk to you and was walking away from you. Neither was your friends life in danger as no one was trying to kill him, he was only being arrested. This is not to mention the fact that you run...
  3. Thy

    Lawrence - Ban appeal

    I will review this tomorrow. Locked until then.
  4. Thy

    Murder hoboing

    Feel free to apply, applications for staff are always open.
  5. Thy

    FEEDBACK What is your opinion on Monolith right now?

  6. Thy

    cocaine question

    What he said.
  7. Thy


    We had a similar suggestion just a couple of days ago. This is the main reason as to why we currently do not have a whitelisted server, and probably won’t make one. Here is the entire thread if you want to see some of the other arguments both for and against...
  8. Thy

    Blasphemy, no thank you.

    Blasphemy, no thank you.
  9. Thy

    Ban Appeal

  10. Thy

    Player & Staff report for RDM

    Rako is no longer staff. Report no longer valid.
  11. Thy


    I think this is resolved. Can't really blame Stuvi for saying what he did with the information he had at the time. I don't see any wrongdoing or misconduct here. Denied.
  12. Thy

    Monolith Staff

    @Green Gatorade Water Bottle promoted to Senior Administrator.
  13. Thy

    Debated Topic

  14. Thy

    Monolith RP Server Rules

    Changed a rule (5.1.7) for more clarity to avoid misunderstandings or confusion.
  15. Thy

    Hostage Taking rules.

    You can if you have a reason to kill previous to the kidnapping.
  16. Thy

    Hostage Taking rules.

    As it is right now, if you had a valid reason to kill someone you can kidnap them to take them somewhere secluded and kill them all RP like. I’ve done that myself. I had beef with a guy, instead of just shooting him in the street, I rented a house, hired two other players to go kidnap him for me...
  17. Thy

    Hostage Taking rules.

    Are you saying that you want to be able to kill the hostage, even if he cooperates? I’m not really sure what the you are suggesting specifically. You’re raising an issue without presenting any possible solutions, gimme something to work with yo!
  18. Thy


    Masks are illegal. We can then conclude that possessing a mask is illegal. Wearing a mask is then also illegal. It would count as an illegal activity. Detectives should not perform illegal activities unless it is to infiltrate a gang and they report it to the police immediately as stated above...
  19. Thy

    Wr1ght report.

    Alright, let's address you schizophrenia and the quote, un-quote "ableism". While unfortunate, and something I wish you the best of luck with, having a mental disability of any kind, does not excuse anyone from rule-breaks. While I understand that some behaviour can't be controlled, we still...
  20. Thy

    what's the death mod uses for this server ?

    It’s not a workshop mod if that’s what you are thinking. As they say in the more “rugged” areas of town: “that shit custom homie!”