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  1. Tango

    Cats as Admins

  2. Tango

    MRP Tour Guide RP role

    -support the mentor rank is the same thing.
  3. Tango

    Friskie Staff Report

    Your Steam Name: Tango Your Steam ID: Not Needed/Mobile Your Character Name (If Applicable): Whisky Washington Admin being reported: (Tag by writing @ before their forum name) @friskiemar Reason for Report: Racism and blatant disregard of what he is saying. Time of Occurrence: Yesterday @...
  4. Tango

    MRP Number of people in bases and raids

    We had this rule before, with a maximum amount of people in one base. We removed it for good reasons, mainly because it limits RP. Don't think we are going to implement it again.
  5. Tango

    Player Report [Eldar]

    Eldar was already punished, this player report is irrelevant, make a staff report on @Angryhalobird if you feel he should be removed from the staff team. Things will stay the way they are, staff members are just as much players as you are. Make a staff report. It obviously seems like you want...
  6. Tango

    Suggestion for police.

    We already have a megaphone it is in the premium vendor
  7. Tango

    **gets banned first day back**

    **gets banned first day back**
  8. Tango

    Opinion on Jimmy Veira

    You tend to never RP, and always minge around or troll. That is just me.
  9. Tango

    Military state and some admins abusing power?

    With the amount of work the staff team does for the community, you wouldn't think we would have at least the privilege to spawn a prop that looks like concrete instead of one that looks like plastic. If that is the appreciation we get then so be it. It isn't abuse to spawn props for RP. That...
  10. Tango

    Military state and some admins abusing power?

    This all just sounds like a jealousy thing. "I can't be sheriff, waaaaa" "I can't set up a roadblock or a checkpoint as well as they can, waaaa." "They took all the SWAT positions for SWAT patrol waaa." "I got fragged during the SWAT patrol, waaa" Honestly some of you just need to grow up.
  11. Tango

    Military state and some admins abusing power?

    Sorry that things didn't go your way Captain Juxtapose
  12. Tango

    Refund Request - Jack Clean

    I only handled the 2 Prison Guards and they were sent back to PD told never to leave again, and it was handled. The Prison Guards did not affect the raid as much. That is the only part I handled. Also keep in mind, Police are allowed to return to the property after they die, if they are called...
  13. Tango

    Yung Stunna Ban Appeal

    You are going to keep your ban. Keep this as a lesson, you can not go around blatantly disrespecting people especially people who are trying to help, Shiblamo was trying to explain it to you in a calm manner while you tried to step all over him. I have no regret for the ban. You definitely...
  14. Tango


    You do not lose items that are on you when you are banned. When you join back you will have the items. Appeal Accepted.
  15. Tango

    IDEN's Ban Appeal

    I am going to let the Community Management decide on this. I already told you the reasons why I won't unban you. It is up to Management if they want to pardon you. @Gregg @PMX
  16. Tango


    Yeah I banned the wrong person, your name must have got caught instead of another person. Provide your STEAMID so that you can be unbanned.
  17. Tango


    Are you sure you tagged the right staff member. I don't recall ever banning you.
  18. Tango

    [GUIDE] Echo Problem

    Echoing Issue This is an issue, which is very common, usually you hear a loud echo after every action in-game, after a while it may get indeed annoying. Luckily there is a quick fix and anyone can do it. How to Fix It: Step 1: Go to the Options menu of Garry's Mod. Step 2: Go to Audio...