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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.6.4

    Patch Update 2.6.4 01/01/2023 Happy new year! This is a pretty small patch in order to add the limited time cosmetics shop, this vendor will be available leading up to the upcoming wipe. Limited Cosmetics Shop A quick preview of the cosmetics available in the shop are below. Full...
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.6.3

    Patch Update 2.6.3 22/12/2023 Happy holidays! This is the late update post for patch 2.6.3 that was posted before Christmas, hopefully everyone had a good Christmas and enjoyed the now ended Christmas hunt. Christmas Hunt 2023 The Christmas hunt was enabled for a week, similar format to last...
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.6.2

    Patch Update 2.6.2 01/12/2023 Happy holidays! With patch update 2.6.2 the yearly christmas event will be enabled till the end of the year, along with the christmas events we have the return of Monoford (with both layers), it also may be a little icy. Last year we had a special event closer...
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.6.1

    Patch Update 2.6.1 05/11/2023 Greetings, with this patch Spookfest comes to a close, don't worry soon we'll have some events leading up to Christmas. There are a few minor changes in this patch along with the disabling of Spookfest events. Full Changelog 2.6.1 Most of the changes in this...
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    UPDATE Major Update 2.6 (Spookfest)

    Major Update 2.6 15/10/2023 Good spooky evening! With this update spookfest will be live on the server and there is a new job added to the game. Public Works The major feature with this update is public works, a new job that requires you to complete work orders around the city to help...
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.4

    Drugs will sell for more during the sale period, if you look at the screenshot above it'll show the current drug on sale and the bonus amount in the dark web app.
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.4

    Patch Update 2.5.4 11/09/2023 Good evening! Pretty small patch but a lot of improvements and fixes. We had a fairly big focus on improving the new player experience as well as some of the issues brought up in the community meeting. We'll be working on the major next after this patch so look...
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.3

    Patch Update 2.5.3 04/09/2023 Hello there, welcome to the epic patch notes. Similar to last patch we've got a lot of improvements/changes and fixes to the gamemode. A few of these changes are based on the feedback from the previous community meeting, we're still working through all the notes...
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.2

    @Alphadef for now you might just have to unsubscribe from all, I'll see if we can get a collection with the old stuff in.
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.2

    Patch Update 2.5.2 23/08/2023 Greetings! We've got a fairly small patch compared to the last one, it still includes some nice feature changes and bug fixes, just not as many as last patch. A lot of feedback has been implemented with this patch as well as fixes to some previously known issues...
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.1

    @fedayeenwinners that'll be re-enabled along with the battlebus
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.1

    Patch Update 2.5.1 05/08/2023 Hello! This patch is aimed at improving features added in major update 2.5 as well as fixing issues/bugs. There are a lot of minor changes in this update that should hopefully improve the QoL and make some things easier. After this update the current plan is to do...
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    UPDATE Major Update 2.5

    Major Update 2.5 21/07/2023 It has been a while since the last major update (~2 months), this update should change that, seeing as it's a major update. The aim of this update is to hopefully bring some new features that will give existing players a lot of new content to enjoy, as well as...
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.4.4 - Release Changelog

    UPDATE 2.4.4 Additions: Switched to new Monoford (layer 1) map Changed: Monoford will be restricted to the first layer, all entities from layer 2 have been moved to layer 1 Removed unnecessary TDM vehicle wheel effects Optimised player voice check code Optimised water crash damage...
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    UPDATE Patch Update 2.4.1 - Release Changelog

    UPDATE 2.4.1 Additions: Added Illegal drug challenges: cocaine, LSD, weed Added NPC robbing challenge Challenge NPCs now have actual names Added seperate NPCs for EMS/Fire Changed: Changed police department's weaponry Sergeant: M4, G36C Senior Sergeant: M4 Probationary Officer: AR15, M3...
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    Accused of failRP from staff, clarification.

    You're good man, I was saying that in character, didn't mean to scare you :( Sorry!