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  1. Danniel Pogi

    Is Monolith Dying?

    Different timezone
  2. Danniel Pogi

    Favorite Guns?

  3. Danniel Pogi


    Goodluck with the Org!
  4. Danniel Pogi

    Bored, time to play some monolith

    Bored, time to play some monolith
  5. Danniel Pogi


    Organization Status: Inactive
  6. Danniel Pogi

    The Floridians

    Nice Org!
  7. Danniel Pogi


    Grind out coke and you’ll make 1 million a day
  8. Danniel Pogi


  9. Danniel Pogi

    Danniel Pogi Laterz

    I will be taking a break on monolith, it seems like I just grind money buy cars and guns over and over there isn’t really much to do for me at this time al though I will be on the server from time to time
  10. Danniel Pogi

    Revamp Cars, Adding new Cars

    the server has a lot of cars already.
  11. Danniel Pogi


    Denied Insufficient money and guns although I know you have friends in my org I'd suggest grinding for da $$$ :)
  12. Danniel Pogi

    Same same

    Same same
  13. Danniel Pogi

    A.B.Z Weaponry Shop

  14. Danniel Pogi

    A.B.Z Weaponry Shop

    Yeah sure your order will be ready tomorrow Total 23800
  15. Danniel Pogi


    Updated Roster
  16. Danniel Pogi

    A.B.Z Weaponry Shop

    Your guns will still be made :)