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    Funny monolith stories??

    That laugh tho. "HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA" It was like a perfectly symmetrical laugh

    MRP Another Police Vehicle

    Im pretty bummed about that. I spent many of nights in an explorer and it'd be cool just to revisit that. But if its going to make the game wig out, theres not much I can do about that lol

    MRP Another Police Vehicle

    Description of suggestion: We have the classic charger and crown vic. Iconic, indeed. But you know what we are missing? A Ford Escape and a chevy impala. Reason why it should be added: These suckers are staples of the law enforcement world. I'd actually personally pay for them to be added. When...

    Icy hot

    Weird flex.... ;)

    Funny Moments Comp

    I love these videos. Seriously, you beauties up there in the god tier should make more of these. I never find one I dont like lmao

    MRP Budget Changes

    Meh, more or less +support. Make it active only when the cheapest item at anyones disposal is unaffordable. However, there is a balancing aspect, too. For example, planning your bank or house raids when you know for a fact that police are financially in ruins obviously increases your chance of a...

    Recording software

    @DystopianRaven incredible walkthrough my friend. Thank you!

    My intro

    Bro, you're one of the best sheriff/chiefs on this sucker. Keep on doing what you are doing, and I'll see you on the beat! -Bryce

    Once and for all, +right/left

    Perfection. Thank you @Stuvi!
  10. MUDJUG

    Once and for all, +right/left

    Okay, I have seen a ton of debate over this and now I am personally really confused over the topic so Im going to put out a scenario. Im farming crops, and use +attack/+right or left. I am NOT afk, my game is still pulled up, and I could respond immediately to anything going on. No youtube or...
  11. MUDJUG

    The Lancasters™

    I can vouch and take full responsibility for Bill. Dude has grown to be one of my best buds on here besides Jack Winters and Mark Moore. I think he would make a great addition
  12. MUDJUG

    Recording software

    Yall saved me tonight. Im so glad I had it before the aliens hit lmaooo!
  13. MUDJUG

    "He beeped at me.."

    "He beeped at me.."
  14. MUDJUG

    Recording software

    See y'all online in about an hour!
  15. MUDJUG

    Recording software

    Hot damn, thank you @gm1003 ! Time to get home, get it ripping, and get myself a GMC Savannah. Time to do some news reporting.
  16. MUDJUG

    Recording software

    @Trevor I want to do that but I have GMOD on my SSD C:Drive but I have most of my heavy games on there and my OS installed on it, too so its space is low. Can I have Shadowplay save footage to my other drive instead of the one GMOD is on?
  17. MUDJUG

    Premium Heaven

    Maybe like a custom made job or vehicle skin or something. I REALLY want to be a storm chaser, even though we dont have weather on here anymore. Theres a sweet ass NOAA suburban on the workshop that I would kill to rip around Paralake in.
  18. MUDJUG

    [MEDIA] @NBHMARK Broooo XD

    @NBHMARK Broooo XD
  19. MUDJUG

    Well hello there

    "Hello, Sheriffs DepartmOHMYGOD"
  20. MUDJUG

    Well hello there

    Last night when we had the PD meeting was absolute gold. "Honey quit hitting that flashlight, you gun' get in trouble." *Gets demoted* 10 mins later- *You get demoted* "Im out this bitch, Im a strong, independent woman who dont need no man" *Shows up as a paramedic 5 mins later*