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  1. Dank

    The Monolith Grammy Awards

    this jit tryna get unbanned
  2. Dank

    take a break from monolith if you're gonna whine "calling a god" every couple of minutes...

    take a break from monolith if you're gonna whine "calling a god" every couple of minutes namsayin jit
  3. Dank

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    shut that shit uup
  4. Dank


    I believe that they also take in the players record of punishments/warning points as well. The player always has the freedom to make an appeal. Also depends on how the player acts accordingly to the situation that's happening. EDIT: Been here for 2 years and I have yet to see an unfair ban...
  5. Dank

    MRP Mining 2.0

    +support would be amazing, make it a level 99 item only though!
  6. Dank

    MRP Sprinkler Nozzle Drip Irrigation

    +support amen
  7. Dank

    Danniel Pogi Laterz

    Same here lol, feels good to take a break.
  8. Dank


    RP Name: Luciano Galante Steam Name: Dank Organization: The Belinni Family Which Ore/Ores: Copper, Iron, coal Amount of Ores: 15x Copper, 15 Iron, 20 coal Reason: Weaponry
  9. Dank

    Well at least I lasted longest as mentor :D

    Well at least I lasted longest as mentor :D
  10. Dank

    RDM Report on BankruptBeast

    Your Steam Name: Dank Your Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:109536809 Your Character Name: Luciano Galante Target Steam Name: Bankrupt Beast Target SteamID:STEAM_1:0:484175565 Target Character Name (if known): N/A Request reason: The player killed me, without a reason when I went to get money out of my...
  11. Dank

    MRP Drive-bys/ shooting out windows of cars

    +support Makes situations more realistic. Sitting in a car with an AR on your back while you're code red and 5 police vehicles chasing you and your friend. If you get what I mean lol.
  12. Dank

    MRP FPS boost command accessibility in inventory settings
  13. Dank

    Show Your Face

  14. Dank

    MRP More Chunk Source in the mines

    Sad cause we can't make any suggestions on adding ores. :/
  15. Dank


    You literally mingegrabbed a weapon in the video
  16. Dank

    update 5.1 my status

    Yeah maybe you're just seeing it from one point of view. Very great update, prevents a lot of FragRP. I'm sad but happy and I'm okay with all these new changes!
  17. Dank

    The Belinni Family

    Removed: 1% From Enemies to Neutral
  18. Dank

    The Belinni Family

    Added: Kings Men to enemies. Added: A.B.Z to Neutral
  19. Dank

    Outro, - lawrence

    Never had good in-game relations with you but thank you for making Monolith an interesting experience. Come back soon.
  20. Dank

    MRP Deep Mining Drill

    It wouldn't be OP at all. The equipment will be expensive and take time to get to.