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  1. Wolv

    the best way a hostage situation can end up

    Cops... always killing the hostage lmfao, this was amazing melody. The simple editing just gave me a laugh.
  2. Wolv

    KQDS MonoNews Paralake

    Lmfao poor Bryce
  3. Wolv

    Blood Monkeys

    This org got me confused but aight, welcome back?
  4. Wolv

    MRP Make seat belts visible!

    I’m in between + and - support, it’s a good idea just I don’t think many cops will be patrolling down town paying attention to seatbelts. This would probably only apply to the cops that seriously rp cop. It wouldn’t hurt in adding though.
  5. Wolv

    Favorite Restaurants... go

    Ah sorry about that Lola
  6. Wolv


    I just think it’s gonna be a huge festival out in front of the facility if I’m giving a serious answer. Then there will be some idiots who actually try to run in, that’ll be fun to see who gets the farthest.
  7. Wolv

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation (A.V.L.N)

    Added as Neutral for now, if we meet in game and I end up liking what I see I’ll consider allies.
  8. Wolv

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation (A.V.L.N)

    Yes Juca, you still have a chance. I will try my best not to raid you lol
  9. Wolv

    Player Report

    Your Steam Name: Wolv Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:99853642 Your Character Name: Johnathan Doyna Target Steam Name: Fleet Commander UNSC | and spacewanderer | Target SteamID: (not known) Target Character Name (if known): Nicholas Jacob, Joseph Brock Request reason: metagame occurs...
  10. Wolv

    MRP Highway Patrol

    -support cool idea just doesn’t seem that needed
  11. Wolv

    Almighty Vice Lord Nation (A.V.L.N)

    Added Syndicate as allied
  12. Wolv

    Third Estate

    Good luck! :)
  13. Wolv

    The Cowboy's

    Good luck
  14. Wolv

    Shiblamo on Duty and other stuff!

    “Fix it PMX you Brazilian” ~ Gammer3
  15. Wolv

    Show Your Face

    Literally look EXACTLY how I imagined lmao
  16. Wolv

    Favorite nostalgic songs

    this song brings me so far back into time.
  17. Wolv


    After spending some time with Wiz and some of AIMBOT Johnathan Doyna (A.V.L.N) would love to take you off of neutral and become allies. I have a great feeling that with our players skill combined will make a great team when basing/raiding or doing really anything. Both of our orgs have great...
  18. Wolv

    Henlo world

  19. Wolv

    Enzo/Jon Snow Introduction

    Hey Jon Snow it’s me Johnathan Doyna, I remember kidnapping people with you in the Mel’s diner. That was so much fun, hope to do some more crime with you soon.
  20. Wolv

    Monolith 2: A small adventure

    Amazing... just amazing.