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  1. Colonel Cookie

    MRP Housing/Factory Tweaks

    We could split rent prices for deed owners into Rent then Utilities. But I like to think that rent and utilities are combined with the rent price since most houses with owned deeds have pretty up there in prices. I'm 50/50 on this idea all in all.
  2. Colonel Cookie

    MRP Sniper Expansion (Suggestion)

    If we plan on going forward with this. I'd think it'd be best to add the sniper scope for the EBR. It has a semi-auto function for that purpose. It already has this.
  3. Colonel Cookie

    Refund plz

    I can confirm that he lost these items in an RDM Incident. All items were destroyed after they were confiscated.
  4. Colonel Cookie

    MRP Future Mono-Phone displaying City Broadcasts/ E-States

    I like this idea. Soon the chief and captain will be able to Make amber alerts for wanted felons and vehicle descriptions. and gm's ballistic missile strikes
  5. Colonel Cookie

    MRP Sound Proof walls

    I'm fairly confident this isn't possible. If it is, however, we should just fix up the sound to be more realistic all-around. I can hear a flask being put on a burner on the ground level of a base being used on the 4th floor.
  6. Colonel Cookie

    A Few Scenes I made

    I think so! I saw something happen like this and it just seemed like one of those “Only In Monolith” moments
  7. Colonel Cookie

    A Few Scenes I made

    Negotiations are tense. One wrong move and an innocent man will die. No matter how hardened a criminal you are, everyone has a sweet tooth! They're coming in, get ready. These are really fun to make and I certainly plan on makin' more. Any tips for improvement would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Colonel Cookie

    Coca Seeds Refund Request

    I Can confirm that the mugging was invalid and resulted in the loss of 110 Coco seeds
  9. Colonel Cookie

    FEEDBACK dying in water

    Just call staff. I drag deceased folks outta the water on the daily cause of the death loop and vice versa.
  10. Colonel Cookie

    MRP Cocoa Suggestion

    Generally, crops sell for a little (and I mean little) less than double what you buy em' for. Cocoa, for example, costs 585/Seed. Buy 10 Seeds for 5850$ (Non-Premium plot work) farm them and you sell them back for 1098 individually. A full stack of 16 nets you 17570$ or 11718$ if you take out...
  11. Colonel Cookie

    MRP Spray paint can

    Even better, we can make custom graffiti versions of the organization logos and you can spray your own those walls along with your name in a neat griffiti font. Good for performance, good for coolness.
  12. Colonel Cookie

    Morgan Boomby Refund Request

    I can confirm that Morgan's MP40 Fell through the ground and could not be recovered.
  13. Colonel Cookie

    Gm1009 When?

    Gm1009 When?
  14. Colonel Cookie

    Google, Why Do I...

    Google, Why Do I...
  15. Colonel Cookie

    Dang thats a cool new sig

    Dang thats a cool new sig
  16. Colonel Cookie

    Crowe Gun Shop (HIRING MINERS)

    Name: Romero Cookie Order: 5 P99's with M-TI and Laser attachment EST
  17. Colonel Cookie

    How did you find Monolith?

    "Hey play on Monolith. It's amazing!" "Heh, sure it is." *Many hours later* "Well wasn't I proven wrong huh?"
  18. Colonel Cookie

    Flavored vape ban + big tobacco

    My teacher gave me a funny caveman explanation of this. I’ll paraphrase it Smoke bad You smoke? Vape better then smoke but more addictive You no smoke? Vape and Smoke bad 21? Weed good.
  19. Colonel Cookie

    MRP The Bridge between LSD And Cocaine - THC Concentrates

    Description of suggestion: Add a new drug: Dab Wax/Cannabis extract. This drug will combine the aspects of low chemistry leveling and marijuana growing. This will bridge the gap between LSD and Cocaine and give weed a new primary role in leveling to cocaine, giving players another road to...