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  1. Lola Meid

    Anniversary Newsletter 07/04/19

    Newsletter 07/04/19 (04-07-19) Made by @MelodyRain (submit your art here) Hey everyone, Today marks our second anniversary since the launch of Monolith. Yes, it has been that long ago since we launched our server (07/04/17)! Many changes were made and new features have been implemented...
  2. Lola Meid

    This is a serious discussion (Poll)

    Lasagna or pizza (get clickbaited)
  3. Lola Meid

    Newsletter - 09.02.2019

    Hey everyone! Now that we’ve passed the holiday season (we hope you had a nice one!), we’d like to inform everyone about the changes that has happened recently. Buckle up! Truenorth Since the 23rd of January (with update 5.0) Truenorth, made by our mapper Statua, has been implemented on our...
  4. Lola Meid

    The Monolith - Album

    Hello everyone ~ I was going through some old videos/pictures that remind me of some good times. This fuelled me to make an actual thread that we can consider an ''album'' for any artwork regarding Monolith, just so we can cherish all those memories we made/will be making in the future. So in...
  5. Lola Meid

    Thanksgiving contest - 2018

    Hey people of Monolith! Last year we have done a contest in regard to Thanksgiving where we asked you guys to post what you appreciate/are thankful for in Monolith. Lots of you back then have given us some good laughs and a smile on our faces whilst reading the comments, so today we are going...
  6. Lola Meid

    PURGE II - 14th of April

    READ BEFORE VOTING Heya everybody, As you all know the PURGE was an amazing event that turned out to be very popular back in our "Halloween Frightnights" season (link to the thread of 2017 Due to requests we've decided we want to...
  7. Lola Meid

    Anniversary Newsletter 04.2018

    Newsletter 05-04-2018 Heya Everybody! It’s been that long already - Jeez time flies. The first ever launch of Monolith RP will be exactly 1 year this Saturday (we launched on 07-04-2017). It has been a very extreme change for us - with initially being a small project to see it grow to...
  8. Lola Meid

    Looking for a new signature

    hi peeps, I don't usually make a thread anymore but I'm looking for new signature and I'm creative-less. Anyone a clue?
  9. Lola Meid

    Post your best quotes of either staff/people

    It is self explanatory pretty much. Post the pictures or videos here! I'll hit you up with 10k if it's decent, nerds.
  10. Lola Meid

    Suggestions for events!

    Hello Monolith! As you may have noticed, there has been a new section introduced. We at Monolith think it is important that we keep the server fun and attractive. One thing to do so, is to host multiple events. In this section any event that require official documentation or announcement will...
  11. Lola Meid

    The Goon Squad

    The Goon Squad "Just a bunch of Goons." We are filled with warm, cultural people who just work together in different specialties. Firefighters, emergency services, mechanics - you name it and we've done it together. So we united in this lovely organisation! Our current family consist of the...
  12. Lola Meid

    Thanksgiving - Monolith Style!

    Hello Monolith! As you can tell it is today Thanksgiving: The day where we think of all the things we are thankful for. One thing we are thankful for is the amount of people that have decided to join our community! As addition for today, we would like to know what you are thankful for in...
  13. Lola Meid

    Discord Applications

    Hello Monolith! A new rule has been added regarding the use of discord on the server. The following rule 3.5 states: "Metagaming: When playing on the server, our Discord is the only allowed third-party program for communication - organisations get their own channel only accessible to their...
  14. Lola Meid

    INFO Monolith RP Mentors

    K9-NDN | STEAM_0:0:97562642 Rondell | STEAM_0:0:122541714 Quantum | STEAM_0:0:67522120 mak | STEAM_0:0:99753706 Julian Grease | STEAM_0:0:59556302 Simplify | STEAM_0:0:55556441 Mr Creeper | STEAM_0:1:51390249 Kyle | STEAM_0:1:24725178
  15. Lola Meid

    Halloween Frightnight - Aftermath!

    Hello Monolith! So today was the last part of Halloween Frightnights. It's a shame that it has to come to an end but it was very fun to host all these events and for us to even participate at some events! I know many of you enjoyed it and it warms my heart to hear people squeal during these...
  16. Lola Meid

    Halloween Frightnight

    Hello everybody! As we all know Halloween is coming up. We have pampered up the website as you can see. Spooky right? But that's not all... - A fun day fully planned with events - Introducing new game features - Enticing rewards for players lucky enough to win The purpose of this thread is to...
  17. Lola Meid

    Karaoke event!!

    Hello!! Yesterday we did a mini karaoke event and it was amazing! Theres lots of screenshots and we had 2 winners. On first place there was @Cubic with his original songs. On second place there was @karl-police2017[GER] with his song up in the sky! Screenshots are below! Some videos as well...
  18. Lola Meid

    Refund Request Rules & Guidelines

    What is this? This section is used for requesting a refund to regain any lost inventory item(s), cash or levels on the server. If you do not have sufficient evidence of the situation or inventory, then you are at fault and we won't be able to refund you. It is your responsibility to have a...
  19. Lola Meid

    Burger king!

  20. Lola Meid

    [SUGGESTION] Nerf weekly rewards