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  1. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP :eyes: for police

    -support would take a lot of fun out of pursuits, for both police and suspects, what's the point of police stops, searches, and other good RP situations when you can just see a suspect on a map i haven't played the server in a bit so correct me if I'm wrong, but GPS tracking already exists for...
  2. Timothy.Taylor

    Accidentally bound inventory to lm button.

    An alternate solution is to put your hands up and open the inventory at the same time and it allows you to click around to rebind it. Ive rebound it doing that before and that's how I fixed it
  3. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Firefighter Rework

    -support You have to keep in mind that unlike EMS and PD missions, fires hurt players, back in Paralake it was hell to have a fire mission randomly spawn in slums and destroy all your equipment for drugs. I'm not opposed to better FD missions but bigger fires kill frames and players
  4. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Police Vehicles despawn upon death

    That already happens, and the timer we have all been suggesting in this thread to prevent a respawn during a car chase would prevent this. I don't know why you're taking this so personally that you are calling everyone spoiled and saying people take this too seriously. Tbh I'm done responding...
  5. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Police Vehicles despawn upon death

    Despite this being a roleplay server it is still a game, honestly the defence of "this isn't realistic" is such a ridiculous thing to discredit a suggestion with, tons of things in this server aren't 100% realistic to real life. Also most of us did address the issue of somebody wanting to use a...
  6. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Add outlets to warehouses

    +support no reason not to add it
  7. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Undercover Mode

    My bad, I stopped playing mono a month back and even then it had been a while since I played cop Still -support though for other reasons listed in this thread
  8. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Undercover Mode

    -support last I checked detective rank doesn't have set slots so there is no need to have other ranks do the same thing, also this could lead to some really mingey situations with higher ups
  9. Timothy.Taylor

    Jared's Discord Unmute

    I was in the discord and actively engaging with you before you got muted, you left and rejoined and lost your mute role after this so idk if you got it back for this or a different reason. Anyways I just came here to post a screen of the remarks leading up to your mute as evidence if needed...
  10. Timothy.Taylor

    Police. (will work on periodically)

    There's already a really good guide on this that @bedsheet made.
  11. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Number of people in bases and raids

    Honestly we may as well just wait for server staff to decide on this because everybody on here is bias People in big orgs will down-vote because they like to dominate, and people who solo base or have small orgs will upvote because they don't like getting destroyed by 20 members of gs9 at once...
  12. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP more casual clothing

    +support seems like a nice thing to add, would encourage different kinds of org attire as well instead of all orgs wearing suits.
  13. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Number of people in bases and raids

    +support it sucks to be a solid baser, or a member of a small org and get raided and outnumbered by a big org. There is a limit on bank raids so this would make sense as well It would add a nice balance to basing/raiding
  14. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Discord Tech Channel

    +support because general gets pretty cluttered with it sometimes
  15. Timothy.Taylor

    A quick goodbye

    Hey there, not many of you will know me enough time to recognize me or be saddened by my leaving but I just wanted to make a quick goodbye post anyways I've been playing monolith for the past 4 months, i have had lots of great times and lots of fun memories, unfortunately due to how busy I am...
  16. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP SWAT Job Rework

    -support considering there are only 5 Swat spots and now 8 high ranking police spots (4sgt, 2LT, cpt, shrif). If I'm correct officers can become swat once their level is high enough, and sgts can become commanders, LT's and higher should ideally be supporting swat as they are high ranking more...
  17. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Police/Civ Overhauled Stamina

    Sorry I looked it up it wasn't denied it's still there but it was only made on Jan 24th so it's pretty recent. In the future you may want to check to make sure something hasn't already been suggested -support to the suggestion, police can already stop foot pursuits with tazers, and can keep the...
  18. Timothy.Taylor

    I speak only the truth.

    I don't remember who because it was like 4 months ago, also they never even took the sit so I wouldn't remember them, I put "if this isn't actually a rule break then don't worry about it" into the report as well so I don't blame them for closing it haha Good to know for future reference though...
  19. Timothy.Taylor

    I speak only the truth.

    I remember when I was new to the server and playing police officer somebody said that then baited me into talking so they could shoot me. I reported them and the staff closed the report because it wasn't a rule break technically Good times
  20. Timothy.Taylor

    MRP Identify Detectives

    I think this would be good good for all cops to see, at least SGT and above, it can blow a detectives cover when they have to identify themselves to officers so +support