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  1. Rashid

    Favorite TV show

    If we are talking like I'm watching a show because I enjoy the story, I'll take Arrow 100 percent. However, my favorite TV show just to watch is That 70's Show.
  2. Rashid

    Describe the members profile picture above you in one word

    Travis scott fortnite guy!
  3. Rashid

    MRP Cameraman Job

    +Support. I would actually enjoy this so much.
  4. Rashid

    Where can I find gun stats like RPM & damage?

    Yeah, but you can still get an idea of how it works.
  5. Rashid

    Where can I find gun stats like RPM & damage?

    Hi, So on the server there is no possible way to view damage without being staff. However, you can in sandbox. Most, if not all the weapons we use on the server are CW 2.0. You can download most of them here. Now, how do you view the damage? Download this weapon editor, here.
  6. Rashid

    MRP Hide player organizations.

    +Support, Would not be public knowledge IRL. Should only be able to see it if you are introduced.
  7. Rashid

    MRP Master Fisherman

  8. Rashid

    My introduction... again... again?

    Welcome back sir
  9. Rashid

    MRP Adding a Sheriff to the Sheriffs department

    +Support Pine county lives matter too
  10. Rashid

    MRP Give EMS Director Department Tablet.

    Description of suggestion: Give the EMS Director a tablet to view active employee's, and the option to demote them. Reason why it should be added: As the EMS Director, you are to oversee the EMS. You can't do that if you can't punish them. Related content: N/A
  11. Rashid

    How old are you??

    I am 18 years young
  12. Rashid

    Rashid's Mute Appeal.. Again

    Your full Discord Name: Rashid Which Staff muted you: The damn bot What were you muted for: Saying fuck Unmute Reason: Well, I got muted for saying fuck again. It's honestly just a common word in my vocabulary, I will try my best to be more careful. But I mean this is kind of insane. Time of...
  13. Rashid

    INFO What do you think about Monolith as the gamemode? (2020 Survey)

    What do I think about the monolith game mode? I love it. I think it is by far the best game mode I have ever played. Coming from someone with nearly 6,000 hours on Garry's Mod, I've played my fair share of game modes. Monolith is by far the most realistic, and the most creative. It's unlike any...
  14. Rashid

    Rashid's Mute Appeal

    Your full Discord Name: Rashid Which Staff muted you: The bot I'm assuming. What were you muted for: Saying "fuck" ( ) Unmute Reason: I forgot this was a rule. Time of Occurrence: 12:25 PM EST. Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A...
  15. Rashid

    The count to 1 Million!

  16. Rashid

    Hector's Frag Montage

    Pretty good montage.
  17. Rashid

    Drop Sum Music

    Fav Artist: Juice Tha Kidd Fav Song By that Artist: Mansion Favorite Song Rn: Mansion
  18. Rashid


    Hi there, This happened to me, make sure you aren't using chromium or x64. Both of these are extremely unstable and cause that issue.
  19. Rashid

    Rashid's coming back?

    Hi um, I'm not sure if anyone remembers me but I was a mentor around a year ago and I recently have felt the need to come back. So hi!
  20. Rashid

    MRP SWAT Bearcat Power

    +Support, I think we should just get a new bearcat altogether. We need a new one, the current one is just bad.