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  1. pea

    MRP Nerf/Remove gl

    gl replacement
  2. pea

    Jeff Stall Refund Request

    Refund issued.
  3. pea


    Refund issued.
  4. pea


    Refund given.
  5. pea


    Refund issued.
  6. pea

    conection lost

    Refund issued.
  7. pea


    Refund issued.
  8. pea


    Refund issued.
  9. pea

    Refund Request

    Refund issued.
  10. pea

    Refund Request

    Refund issued.
  11. pea

    Refund Request confirmed by Jacub

    Refund issued.
  12. pea

    confirmed by cecil

    Refund issued.
  13. pea

    Server Crash RR - Video Proof included (youtube)

    Refund issued.
  14. pea

    Unfair treatment

    those are your most recent out of 25 bans niko, it would help if your ban history wasn't the length of a fucking cvs receipt
  15. pea

    I was at first rightfully banned and then after, banned again.

    I only upped the ban at the request of another staff member. @dubsmaster
  16. pea

    Random "Anti-exploit" Ban

  17. pea


    Accepted, please don't have a repeat.
  18. pea

    How do I make a petition for a ban appeal for my friend who said somethings that he kind of regrets

    i don't normally post on the forums but look into something before you make a post like this, he can make a ban appeal
  19. pea


    You and the SS both were shooting at people, and at vehicles, either around people or directly at vehicles, and then when brought to a sit, you told me you did none of that. Wait out your ban. Denied.
  20. pea