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  1. Thegamingshain

    Refund Request

    This situation was voided due to the Jewelry store being counter raided, he needs the following refunded: Honey Badger, and a Kevlar and helmet
  2. Thegamingshain

    Admin not handling homophobia

    Hey @FallenderMond, I tried to tell you in certain instances like this one, was an exception, though if you do feel uncomfortable and take offence of this, you could warn the player to not say it again. We do not tolerate derogatory slurs towards any group of people, such as racism...
  3. Thegamingshain

    MRP Org bank logs

    +support, could be useful for things, even more an audit log, to see who invited who, who kicked who, and even role creation's
  4. Thegamingshain

    Demande de remboursement judgedead
  5. Thegamingshain

    Reporting a player

    Re-opened per request.
  6. Thegamingshain

    GOV MPD Chief Whitelist 10/1/2021

    Welcome to the Monoford Police Force Chief Training! If you are reading this, I imagine you are one of many officers that strive to attain the rank Chief and lead and command the police force with professionalism and leadership. For potential Candidates we look for people who are: Police Level...
  7. Thegamingshain

    rr - Jackie W.

    SA's + will decide if its sufficient evidence for a valid refund of the attachments
  8. Thegamingshain

    rr - Jackie W.

    I can confirm he needs the following refunded: Mac-11, Kevlar & Helmet.
  9. Thegamingshain

    rr - Jackie W.

    I can confirm and needs the following items refunded: Kevlar & Helmet, XM8, $3,200 (in medical bills expense.)
  10. Thegamingshain

    Mass rdm

    I can confirm, he needs the following refunded: Kevlar & Helmet (x2), Honey Badger, AUG A3, Lockpick, First Aid (S)
  11. Thegamingshain


    I can confirm he needs the following refunded: HK MP7A1, and kevlar + Helmet
  12. Thegamingshain

    I am the best S.W.A.T

    yea i saw this and was like fuck yea and told him to clip it, this will be a prime example of the shield
  13. Thegamingshain

    Banned for alt account? First time ever playing...

    Please use the correct format here.
  14. Thegamingshain

    DKDiamond's Refund Request

    I can confirm he needs the following refunded, LR-300(including the attachment shown above), First Aid (S) (x6), and Kevlar & Helmet.
  15. Thegamingshain

    Me and my friends cant get back on the server since we played a year ago help

    delete the old monoford map, then join again.
  16. Thegamingshain

    Thegamingshain Staff Report

    Hi @FluffyGamer, You received a Physgun blacklist after I saw u prop push a body all the way across mechanic's with high sensitivity (even if it was or was not intentional), i saw this after i was needing to take someone for a sit, there wasn't any need to overlook anything since I saw a valid...
  17. Thegamingshain


    Can confirm he needs the M4 refunded. Player refused to drop it and was banned.
  18. Thegamingshain

    GOV MPD Chief Whitelist Results

    Monoford Police Department Chief Results Hey all, I just want to thank everyone who attended Monday's Chief whitelist training, I appreciate everyone's cooperation and dedication throughout those interviews. Those who weren't picked, doesn't mean you can give up, keep trying your hardest and...