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  1. Nomad_600

    how this man not dead

    Huh, I see we still using nerf dart for ammo
  2. Nomad_600

    The count to 1 Million!

  3. Nomad_600

    MRP PD Internal Affairs Division

    The point of IA is to in a sense create a new goal for people to achieve and yes IA can submit report on chief as well
  4. Nomad_600

    MRP PD Internal Affairs Division

    Despite having the power to submit adminstrative report all report must still be approve be Lead IAO or PDSV
  5. Nomad_600

    MRP PD Internal Affairs Division

    Hello there, it is me once again, thank you everyone for posting your personal opinion here on this thread and now I will address some issue that you have brought up, once again I will kindly ask that if you guys are going to debate please remain respectful to each other point of view While I...
  6. Nomad_600

    MRP PD Internal Affairs Division

    Description of suggestion: Alrighty for those who have already type -Support calm your horse and let me explain. As of right now if a cop violate rules / department policies there is only currently the PD Supervisor team and Command that can issue long term punishment, what I am proposing today...
  7. Nomad_600

    The issues regarding the economy of the server.

    Fishing while I have not done it alot I can honestly say its a fun mindless activity that you can sit around and just chill with your friends, its truly peaceful for once xD Farming also does yield decent profit as a legal mean of doing it and I swear I have not seen a base getting raided over...
  8. Nomad_600

    The serious decline of player count.

    Personally I'm going to say a few thing regarding this "Staff issue is only minor and don't cause a lot of times/ticket response time" So while I only can comment on my own experience while I was still a staff member I believe that in general staff ticket are surprisingly lengthy and can take...
  9. Nomad_600

    The serious decline of player count.

    Well PD code red usually are more lenient because when someone call it out you usually have to act on it and because someone else call it you should not be the one taking a hit for it
  10. Nomad_600

    Lack of Staff

    Wow, I decide to come back and this is the first thread im participating xD. Anyway, so im going to voice a few of my own opinion here because well im bored, first thing first in defense of staff as much as everyone can complaint about lack of staff you guy have to admit that staffing on...
  11. Nomad_600

    How about no

    How about no
  12. Nomad_600

    Congratulations on Mentor! Welcome to the Mentor Team!

    Congratulations on Mentor! Welcome to the Mentor Team!
  13. Nomad_600


    @Its Jerry Harry I can confirm the bag itself but not the content because there was no way to say if after the scenario you could have depo the money after 10 minutes
  14. Nomad_600

    Weapons Blacklist Appeal

    @TheLoser27 My sincerest apologies for the delay in this appeal, I have been dealing with alot of personal issue lately. Anyway since it's fairly close at the end of your sentence and normally this type of incident would be a ban I would let this punishment ride out Appeal Denied, thread locked...
  15. Nomad_600

    Weapons Blacklist Appeal

    Hello, Sorry for the time needed to respond to this, @TheLoser27 Before deciding on this appeal I would like to ask that why do you think that simply saying YFG on us is warrant enough for a KOS ?
  16. Nomad_600

    GOV MPD Training Sessions 2/21/2021 - 2/24/2021

    Monoford Police Department Training Session The Monoford Police Department Command requests that certain law enforcement agents attend the training sessions described below, that will take place at different locations in the Monoford County. The goal of these training sessions is to demonstrate...
  17. Nomad_600

    MRP Adding police rank (MPD)

    While this suggestion might seem vague, I think adding more police rank is just gonna complicate thing more than ever, normally if there is different sector that you can assign people to but that dosen't work so honestly just rename Asst.Chief to Captain is the move for now NGL
  18. Nomad_600

    Refund request

    I can confirm that the PD failure to respect the hostage and instantly engage the robber and the item was already confiscated.
  19. Nomad_600

    Ban Appeal

    Due to it's being your first offense and you didn't know at the time you were LTAP ill accept this, please be careful next time thread locked and moved
  20. Nomad_600

    Ban Appeal

    @SaltZone Hello, Yesterday I got a sit about you killed someone for no reason in public and I saw you dced a few minute after that is why, can you explain ?