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  1. Stuvi

    Forum name change

  2. Stuvi

    What do you want for christmas?

    Gmods death S&box release Everyone abiding by the rules for at least 24h all at once World domination
  3. Stuvi

    More Female Player Model Clothing

    Female model clothing is unfortunately hard to get since there's barely any good packs that would work and offer these type of clothes. We've already looked but if you find any feel free to let us know.
  4. Stuvi

    Raider Timer rule break

    Denied due to insufficient evidence. You can not report a whole organization without providing any evidence either. You will not be receiving a refund.
  5. Stuvi


    I already denied this. Dont back up into a police vehicle if you can't live with the consequences. You are not getting your items refunded from this.
  6. Stuvi


  7. Stuvi


    Denied, clearly your own mistake for not looking and using the crosswalk.
  8. Stuvi


    Shotguns can hit a target perfectly fine up to 45 meters+ in reality - that's why they're so powerful.
  9. Stuvi

    Discord UBR - Aspire

    Yeah, that'd probably be the best. I don't think your RP style fits into a proper RP server. Have a nice day.
  10. Stuvi

    Discord UBR - Aspire

    That's cool that "the guy" said that, but in the end it's simply not the truth. That's not what I think - so you're wrong and indeed lying. Additionally, you are not banned - you are muted on our Discord. A mute prohibits you from talking and chatting but still grants your access to our server...
  11. Stuvi

    Discord UBR - Aspire

    You're taking messages out of context and simply make false statements in this mute appeal.
  12. Stuvi

    Jeffs ban appeal

    If you give me a good reason to let an exploiter - who doesn't report bugs or exploits but rather abuses them - and who will surely do it again in the future, then I will try to reconsider your permanent ban. The 'im sorry it won't happen again'-card won't work here.
  13. Stuvi

    VDM Medic Intern and stolen ambulance

    Reported individual has been indefinitely removed for mass VDM and obvious NITRP.
  14. Stuvi

    Sam Servok's Ban Appeal!

    Start using your brains, people. The game mechanics automatically confiscate items classified as illegal to eliminate the ability to snag those and stash them in the bank. Since handguns are not illegal that mechanic doesn't work. Yes, obviously lmao Denied.
  15. Stuvi

    Sam Servok's Ban Appeal!

    You have to destroy any weapons you gain as police officer as they're supposed to be confiscated. You do not keep them and may be reported and/or punished for doing so.
  16. Stuvi

    Danny Dunstan ban appeal/ You banned the wrong guy?

    Report was overruled by me after further review.
  17. Stuvi

    Yeffrey Incorrect Warning Point

    You answered your own question. Report denied.
  18. Stuvi

    Eldar staff report

    Report denied. Reported player in player report has been punished accordingly.
  19. Stuvi

    Sam Servok's $ Request

    The reported player has been permanently banned for scamming. Fill out a refund request to get your ingame cash back.
  20. Stuvi

    Staff Report on Josh Tate (DangerRanger)

    Report denied.
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