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  1. Gurra

    Mono coins

    If @PMX is okay with it and can do it, I am okay with it too. He can choose the amount.
  2. Gurra

    [POLL] Standalone Half-Life 2: Monolith Server

    Do you got any potential partner community / group in mind?
  3. Gurra

    [POLL] Standalone Half-Life 2: Monolith Server

    Agreed. It's perhaps an interesting trivia in this context that I founded LemonPunch, but most credits for our HL2 RP event should really go to our devs. They've been building this HL2 RP gamemode ever since we started the 1st of April tradition and they've done so entirely on own initiative. I...
  4. Gurra

    Should Staff get paid?

    They do really good work imo, but this is not their full-time job so we have to keep expectations reasonable on the occasional bugs. If it was their full-time job, we wouldn't afford them, even with a lot more Premium members. As mentioned, we're also focused on something new and exciting that...
  5. Gurra

    Should Staff get paid?

    A paid staff team would be an investment, but probably not a net-positive one financially. We're operating on a pretty limited scale and whatever minimal payment I could make to 40 people would not really impact how much time they commit to the community. It shouldn't really, it'd be too little...
  6. Gurra

    Should Staff get paid?

    Would be very nice and well-deserved, but we usually got around 40 staff members so it wouldn't be much per person. I think pretty much everyone here is involved for the passion, experience and potential learnings that the project can bring. I've never taken personal compensation from Monolith...
  7. Gurra

    Poorly handled situation by PMX.

    Hi, I think PMX clarified the process and outcome well. It's unfortunate that a mistake was made and I can sympthathise with the frustration of being refunded and then have that refund be revoked. However, the final outcome was the correct one per our rules at the time.
  8. Gurra

    Monocoin RR

    Please DM me on Discord @CowsCowsCows Gurra#6538
  9. Gurra

    Ban Appeal - 12 / 09 / 2021

    Hi @Louis , please send me a private message on Discord. My ID there is: Gurra#6538 We can discuss it on Discord. I'm closing this thread here.
  10. Gurra

    Monocoin glitch

    Please contact me and @PMX on Discord. Gurra #6538
  11. Gurra

    Monocoin Bug

    Yes, @LUCIUS could you please add/message me and PMX on Discord? We'll create a group chat with some devs so we can investigate it closer. My Discord ID is: Gurra #6538
  12. Gurra

    Inactive Admin Report

    I don't see sufficient evidence to remove the plausibility that @Anthony acted in a mildly reasonable, or at least not malicious manner. A permaban seems too severe to me and so I'll commute that to a ban lasting till today's date.
  13. Gurra

    Inactive Admin Report

    I don't think Stuvi's activity is relevant, nor does Premium give you any benefits on bans. However, I generally hold a pretty high bar for permabans and this was a temporary event that involved quite some violence.. The appeal is a bit vague, from both sides. @Stuvi, would you be able to...
  14. Gurra

    Not able to purchase premium

    Please contact me and @Daave on Discord.
  15. Gurra

    Player Vs Staff

    I'm glad that we had an opportunity to hear you out in this thread and during the community meeting that we hosted. We genuinely appreciate constructive criticism and will definitely work on some areas for improvement that we've taken note of during the last few weeks. It's key for us to...
  16. Gurra

    INFO Community Rules

    Community Rules Updated - 29 December 2020 No material changes to the rules have been made, but quite a few formulations.
  17. Gurra

    Thy as Community Manager

  18. Gurra

    Clarification on the Death Penalty

    I agree that the rule is quite ambiguous. It will be discussed. I see the point on both sides, double jeopardy vs. need to put people in arrest for a while since execution orders take time to issue and perform.
  19. Gurra

    Refund for Premium

    Gurrazor #6538
  20. Gurra

    Cannot Cancel Premium Sub

    @zombie2000hy Please message me on Discord so we can look into it with some developers. Gurrazor #6538