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  1. Thanewolfe

    Ban appeal

    Appeal accepted.
  2. Thanewolfe

    Ban appeal

    Where did you see the physguns in those three videos? Please give me the timestamp.
  3. Thanewolfe

    Ban appeal

    As this was nearly three years ago, I don't mind showing these clips. Objectively, I do not see any justification for this behavior, which leads me to believe that this was some form of third-party software usage. __ "hope now maybe people have come to realize that ya when admins are flying...
  4. Thanewolfe

    Ban appeal

    @mflewis609 Contact me on Discord, all three of us will hop in a call and sort this out. Thanewolfe#3057
  5. Thanewolfe

    INFO Monolith RP Mentors

    @Breiceheidd has joined the mentor team, welcome!
  6. Thanewolfe

    INFO Monolith RP Staff

    @Jacub has decided to step down from his Administrator position. We thank him for his time and contributions to the team and the community and wish him the best.
  7. Thanewolfe

    INFO Monolith RP Staff

    @Tru has been removed from the staff team due to inactivity.
  8. Thanewolfe

    INFO Monolith RP Staff

    @pea has decided to step down from his position as Senior Administrator. We thank him for him contributions and wish him the best.
  9. Thanewolfe

    Staff Report

    @beansupplier Apologies for the delay in my response. Unfortunately, as much as we try to stay on top of the forum reports, appeals and other threads, it can be difficult to juggle those responsibilities with a job. As this seems to be the the case with HockeyExpert, I do not see any...
  10. Thanewolfe

    Banned because using alt account but not banned on main account

    @snotyepvalorant Unfortunately, we only allow one account to play on our services at any given time. Each user may only have one account. If duplicate accounts are discovered, the duplicates may be banned. If you try to avoid a ban by creating a new account, your initial punishment may be...
  11. Thanewolfe

    ban appeal

  12. Thanewolfe

    INFO Monolith RP Staff

    @Jet has decided to step down from his Administrator position. We thank him for his years of dedication and hard work toward the staff team and more importantly, the community. We all wish him the best of luck in his next endeavors.
  13. Thanewolfe

    Car Not Going back to gold

  14. Thanewolfe

    Staff rep0rt.......

    @Scott Alcapone Thank you for your report. To clear up any confusion, I will list the relevant rule(s) that concern this report: Cop Baiting - The act of excessively provoking Law Enforcement for the sole purpose of having them chase you or incite some other reaction from them for your own...
  15. Thanewolfe

    Staff rep0rt.......

    Under Review.
  16. Thanewolfe

    Goofy Admins

    Report them here: Appeal it here:
  17. Thanewolfe


    @PhaseBootz, Thank you for your patience, Starting with your first and second "violations", we had discussed that the first one was a genuine mistake. Austin himself admitted that was far too extensive given the circumstances and apologized. He believes that he mistakenly clicked a longer...
  18. Thanewolfe

    Staff Report and RR

    @Breiceheidd, Thank you for your patience, given the complexity of the situation and the depth of the report, I needed adequate time to review and discuss this situation with the appropriate parties. For your first situation, after viewing the logs and speaking with Austin, we both agreed that...