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  1. Mark

    Remove rain visual effect

    Denied, Defeats the purpose of rain as it has a valid use in the gamemode, it will not be removed any time soon.
  2. Mark

    Weed broken

    Should be fixed on server restart, seemed to be a content issue.
  3. Mark

    SUGGESTION Cocaine Bricks

    Hi, This has been addressed in the upcoming 4.7 update.
  4. Mark

    SUGGESTION A Home Computer

  5. Mark

    Anyone else watch Anime?

  6. Mark


    That is not true.
  7. Mark

    SUGGESTION More Places to Make Guns/Quite Factories

    We only have these places because these are our industrial places that uses industrial outlets to power the hardware. We have no current plans to bring it to residential.
  8. Mark

    SUGGESTION Gun durability change

    In the upcoming content update of 4.4, Guns will lose durability on reload instead of equipping.
  9. Mark

    ban appeal

    Accepted and unbanned.
  10. Mark

    My Ban Appeal

    Accepted, and unbanned.
  11. Mark

    SUGGESTION THE Change Suggestion: Part 3

    You are making a post with pretty much the same information and the same goal, when Cloud himself is satisified with the responses he got inside of his thread. What people fail to understand is over the time of monolith we were forced into more of a MMO gamemode more than a roleplaying...
  12. Mark

    SUGGESTION THE Change Suggestion: Part 2

    Cloud has requested the closure of this thread, as such I will move this.
  13. Mark

    SUGGESTION THE Change Suggestion: Part 3

    Cloud said that he was quite satisfied with the closure of his thread, I do not understand why you would make a third one for really no reason.
  14. Mark

    SUGGESTION Actually consider suggestions

    We do re-consider the grind and will towards making sure that its acceptable for everyone and fun to do.
  15. Mark

    SUGGESTION THE Change Suggestion: Part 2

    I agree, but like anything we want some realism, some not. Obviously some where down the line someone gets angry and calls the developers out or someone else out, etc etc, Sometimes, players opinions are not voiced appropriately and its not taken as such.
  16. Mark

    SUGGESTION THE Change Suggestion: Part 2

    Unfortunately, Monolith left the scene of Semi-Serious roleplay long ago, and the development team is aware of that. On the topic of "realism" features, not everything has to be compared to something else, and if seamless its not an issue, as the weapon jamming system isnt necessarily bad in...
  17. Mark

    SUGGESTION Actually consider suggestions

    I can understand the chore part of the gamemode, and its unfortunate that the gamemode has taken this kind of turn, but we are working to improving it in a variety of ways and we do listen to feedback, as for being completely shut down even when denied, things are still usually considered or...
  18. Mark

    SUGGESTION THE Change Suggestion: Part 2

    I think what people fail to understand is that sometimes things are changed unintentionally. This is mostly relating to economy changes, and Ill give a recent prime example of one. The recent change to Cocoa which was unfortunately wrong on my part did more harm then good, But the intent wasn't...
  19. Mark

    SUGGESTION Actually consider suggestions

    In reality, at the end of the day we are a community that is ran with people with a goal in mind, one to appease to players to a certain point and to make what we feel is a great experience. The section is there for you to voice your opinion on what you think is currently wrong with the...
  20. Mark

    SUGGESTION Alternating Maps

    We can not support this in the current state of monolith with various deeds etc, we would have to remake all the positions for each map in the rotation every month until we run out of maps. It wouldn't be the greatest to confuse our players either and constant map changes kill playerbase. Denied.
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