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  1. Thy

    Jävla svenska

    Jävla svenska
  2. Thy

    Beginner Guide to MonolithRP

    I've stickied this for easier access. Good work.
  3. Thy

    January 21st (LAWRENCE STARKS)

    So this spiraled out of control pretty quickly. Keep this introduction thread on topic or it will be locked. Different threads for different topics friends.
  4. Thy


    I've unbanned you. Try not to disappoint.
  5. Thy


    Of course you are not allowed to join with a different account when you are banned. That kinda negates the whole idea behind banning people. I'm willing to lower your ban if you can promise me that you won't do this again just because you are frustrated with the events taking place. No more...
  6. Thy


    I explained to you that we don't allow the word '{WORD CENSORED}' or any versions thereof on our server. You said you understood but proceeded to say "{WORD CENSORED} is rp tho". At this point it really just seemed like you were trolling. It is understandable that you were upset in the situation, but you had five...
  7. Thy

    Hell did I do? I don't like you anymore Jason.

    Hell did I do? I don't like you anymore Jason.
  8. Thy

    Lola's Birthday Card

    Happy birthday to a very 'special' person who has been here for at least a couple of months and done a few different things that may have helped the community. So happy birthday to @Lola Meid
  9. Thy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Updated with Since apparently wasn't clear enough.
  10. Thy

    Unfair Ban

    You were a medic.
  11. Thy

    Statua's New Map : True North

    I’ll see if I can have a proper answer for you this evening.
  12. Thy

    Statua's New Map : True North

    There is none yet, please stop asking. As soon as we have a specific date for the change it will be announced to everyone. Until then, please just have some patience.
  13. Thy

    Statua's New Map : True North

    About two hours from now DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT TRUE!
  14. Thy

    Alex Brown Ban Appeal

    Truly this is something you have have in large quantities judging by everything written here.
  15. Thy

    appeal exploit

    So, since you tried to evade the ban on an alt account, this is denied and your ban has been extended.
  16. Thy

    SUGGESTION Able to see kevlar.

    Negativo. I'd like to be able to wear kevlar without having to look like some kind of GTA online character with a mental deficiency. If you want to visibly wear a kevlar vest, just buy the cosmetic for it from the store.
  17. Thy

    Ban appeal

    You will need to update this with the proper format or it will be denied automatically.
  18. Thy

    Ban Appeal

    I'll lower your ban to expire tomorrow at this time.
  19. Thy

    SUGGESTION MegaPhone for Police

    Quite unnecessary in my opinion. Being able to yell to people with assault rifles is not going to make them stop shooting. Furthermore, this could be used to annoy, minge and grief in so many situations, even if restricted to higher ranks. Declined.
  20. Thy

    Intense Parkour *Caught*

    Here I am trying to have a professional sit and you just go and ruin it. Shameful.
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