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  1. Thanewolfe

    EVENT Mono Royale

    Hello Monolith! I'm excited to announce an upcoming event that will take place this Saturday 1/09/2021 @ 2PM PST. Mono Royale! Description: You will be placed in the middle of layer two with weapons sporadically placed around the map, it is your mission to grab a weapon and eliminate the...
  2. Thanewolfe

    EVENT MonoAwards 2020: Final Results!

    Hello everyone!! Thank you again for such an awesome turn out for the MonoAwards, and a huge congratulations to our winners this year!!! This is truly an amazing community and the experience is second to none with such an incredibly unique atmosphere, it really makes me proud to take part in...
  3. Thanewolfe

    EVENT MonoAwards 2020: Final Voting

    Hello Monolith! It is time to choose who you believe should win! In each category there are three choices to make from our Nominees, you will choose one from each category in the form and submit your votes. Cast your vote here: Best of luck to all of our...
  4. Thanewolfe

    EVENT MonoAwards 2020: Nominee Voting

    Hello Monolith!, This is our second annual MonoAwards. There are 16 categories with a winner in each one. In this thread you will cast your vote for who you believe deserves the title(s) we listed below! We will then choose from your nominees and you will vote again in a final round on the top...
  5. Thanewolfe

    INFO POLL: Event Rewards - Suggestions / Changes

    Hello everyone, I would like to get some feedback and suggestions for our event rewards! The poll above has a bunch of suggestions that we were able to come up with, however you can post your suggestions in the thread down below. The idea here is to have a list of items that we can add to our...