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  1. born2pooforced2wipe

    SUGGESTION youtube audio on cars

    would be awesome since most of the radio stations no longer work
  2. born2pooforced2wipe

    Make cop cars have bulletproof tires

    Only Bearcat should.
  3. born2pooforced2wipe

    IRL “Mono-Con”

  4. born2pooforced2wipe

    How to bring the server back?

    change map to southside
  5. born2pooforced2wipe

    this man is an excellent cop

    this man is an excellent cop
  6. born2pooforced2wipe

    I have ascended

    hey man can i borrow some dawgs
  7. born2pooforced2wipe

    Triple Threat for a "Legally" parked vehicle

    Not sure how I was mass targeting when the only interaction I've had tonight (and over a week now) with tow drivers was you in that short time span. I neither damaged, or attacked you by the impound and nor did I intend to. Is this really report worthy and not something you could handle in-game...
  8. born2pooforced2wipe

    SUGGESTION Car “GPS tracker”

    love the idea of being able to mark a car as stolen which would show up as so on anpr, that's an excellent suggestion imo
  9. born2pooforced2wipe

    Fire Department Expansion Ideas

    Love all the ideas except #5, car crashes are already bad enough here especially with how wreckless the average monolith player drives lol
  10. born2pooforced2wipe

    professional snitch

    professional snitch
  11. born2pooforced2wipe

    Banana Car go POOF

    Lol yea i deleted my car
  12. born2pooforced2wipe

    GUIDE Wilzons Guide to Growing Weed.

    ive been trying to figure out, ty for this
  13. born2pooforced2wipe

    GUIDE Enhanced Monoford Map

    much appreciated