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  1. Nejmeister

    Ban the User Above for Stupid Reason

    !ban permanent running across intersection (last warning, community wide banned)
  2. Nejmeister

    Drop Sum Music

    I’m not even shitposting here, this is genuinely the music I listen to.
  3. Nejmeister

    Rockford [IMG]

  4. Nejmeister

    Show Your Face

    < This post was edited / removed by a Forum Moderator >
  5. Nejmeister

    It’s aight

    Played like 5 months ago, ran around asking for newports (no one had any Newports) and spoke to people I knew from other servers, then got RDM’d, revived by staff and somehow that fucked my game and I had to close gmod. Good game though. Only downside really was being earraped by 2013 meme...
  6. Nejmeister

    Remove the dumbass 4 min death timer

    That’s like, 1 less minute than where I come from pal… you have it too easy...
  7. Nejmeister

    Silverballer - Gun No Worky

    looks like a client side issue to me. Skill or your own connection.
  8. Nejmeister

    bring paralake

    Paralake is heavily spaced out and overall will give the exact same feel, people will just hang out at bazaar or casino.
  9. Nejmeister

    [Removed by Forum Moderator]

    [Removed by Forum Moderator]
  10. Nejmeister

    Dude you ziptied was probably screen sharing.

    Dude you ziptied was probably screen sharing.
  11. Nejmeister

    Not admin + Don’t care + There’s a pipe bomb in your mailbox.

    Not admin + Don’t care + There’s a pipe bomb in your mailbox.
  12. Nejmeister

    bring paralake

    Get your own map, you plonkers… Nah seriously though, at least wait til Lelios is done with V6. I also don’t think the map the server is currently on is bad at all.