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  1. Thanewolfe

    Jonny Rigatoni Perma Ban Appeal

    @Jack Lancer, As this occurred nearly two years ago, I would say you have learned your lesson. Please, keep in mind any repeated behavior similar to that which resulted in your ban, will not be tolerated. Appeal accepted.
  2. Thanewolfe

    Bottled Man SR

    I cannot proceed further without the evidence to review, in this case, I am going based off responses in this post. If Bottled Man observed repeated cases of toxicity and other various rulebreaks without a sign of improvement, he is fully within his right to issue bans. As Hyper has advised...
  3. Thanewolfe


    @Hyper360 Thank you for your report. Dying to a vehicle for a valid reason warrants a drop of illegal items that would normally be available upon death. As we are unable to distinguish the difference in code, the default is to prevent items from dropping on death if the trigger is a vehicle...
  4. Thanewolfe


    Under review.
  5. Thanewolfe


  6. Thanewolfe

    Bottled Man SR

    @Hyper360 Please send me your evidence on Discord, the links in this post no longer work.
  7. Thanewolfe

    Random autoban?

    Denied. Alternate account of banned user.
  8. Thanewolfe

    INFO Monolith RP Staff

    @tweety returned to our staff team as a Trial Moderator. Welcome back.
  9. Thanewolfe

    Benji Beanez Ban Appeal

    Denied. Alternate account of 76561198127598901.
  10. Thanewolfe

    i got a 1 day ban :(

    Denied. As mayor, you made an announcement that said "all police are kos" and then proceeded to yell into your microphone repeatedly over the radio. Do this again, you will receive an extended ban.
  11. Thanewolfe

    Banned Before Joining

    Denied. Alternate account of 76561198367984837.
  12. Thanewolfe

    Honestly Dont even know why im banned

    User was unbanned contingent upon changing his organization name to adhere to server rules.
  13. Thanewolfe

    Honestly Dont even know why im banned

    @Lui Quit arguing semantics. Change the organization name. You will remain banned until you decide to. Let me know when you're ready to come back.
  14. Thanewolfe

    Banned for 0 Reason

    Hello @Logos, You were banned by our automatic system because you left the game while cuffed. Automatic bans, such as leaving while cuffed or a permanent ban due to exploiting, can not be appealed unless you provide valid evidence of it being a false ban. In the future, if you believe that...
  15. Thanewolfe

    INFO Monolith RP Staff

    @Slick ♔ and @Retsillac have both passed their Trial periods. Congratulations.
  16. Thanewolfe

    Tech Tips ban appeal

    Ban reason updated. Denied.
  17. Thanewolfe

    INFO Monolith RP Staff

    @Slick ♔ has been accepted as a Trial Moderator.
  18. Thanewolfe

    INFO Monolith RP Staff

    @Ber506 has been promoted to Senior Administrator. We believe his dedication, maturity, and passion will make him an excellent addition to the SA team. We look forward to seeing his leadership skills shine in his new role.
  19. Thanewolfe

    Ban Appeal

    @Skante Warrior I am going to accept this appeal with the following conditions: Maintain a level of respect for staff members Follow ALL of the server rules Stay positive and have fun Keep in mind, however, if you come back on the server and start with toxicity in OOC, breaking server...