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  1. something

    Tommy Req, Cuz i earned it

    Refund request accepted. You can retrieve the weapon from the bank teller npc by going into the refunds section.
  2. something

    INFO Monolith RP Staff

    @DerpDeGames has been demoted due to breaching internal staff guidelines.
  3. something

    Staff Report

    Thank you for making this staff report @Desyncvip , after reviewing the evidence provided and the logs, it's clear that @DerpDeGames used his staff powers to obtain unfair advantage (first by manually respawning himself and later by no clipping into a shootout in which he had already died once)...
  4. something

    Staff Report

    Hello @anders183e After reviewing the evidence provided and the logs, I've determined that @Briceps did everything the way he was supposed to, the problem was with the offline blacklist issued, the time Lui was blacklisted was for about 6 hours instead of 2 weeks due to a change on how those...
  5. something

    Staff Report

    Under review.
  6. something

    INFO Monolith RP Mentors

    @Zamiinal has joined the mentor team, welcome!
  7. something

    L punishments

    Hello @Skante Warrior , after reviewing the evidence provided I've determined that: @Official Car Mechanic did not abuse his staff powers and acted with his best judgement, the punishments given were appropriate. I can see how you can argue that you are not breaking raid timer but you must...
  8. something

    Player Report (Severe)

    Hello @Steady the people you've reported can only be punished for things that there is enough evidence and haven't been already handled by other staff. That being said, there is enough evidence to determine that both banana and @Krakenttv broke server rules: @Krakenttv - Breaking NLR, Job...
  9. something

    Player Report (Severe)

    I'll take that as you do not wish to answer the rest of my questions @Krakenttv , you can inform banana about the forum report as he in involved in it as well, I couldn't find his forum name, you still have time to provide evidence and argue your case.
  10. something

    Player Report (Severe)

    So your justification of raiding them as police is that you saw your own blood on the door? I assume it's yours because you've raided them as civilians less than 10 minutes before that. Also why was a warrant not issued? What about the part where you get demoted by banana after the raid, loot...
  11. something

    Player Report (Severe)

    The report has not been made about the clips in the bottom that he stated are already handled (they are to provide evidence for player targeting), it's about this: . I need you tell me why did you...
  12. something

    Player Report (Severe)

    This report is now under review, @Krakenttv and banana you have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story before this player report gets handled without your input. I will need you to upload any video/photo evidence to justify the raid on the warehouse.
  13. something

    ban appeal 2

    I don't fully believe your statement, however I will lift your ban. If you do the same thing your ban will be reinstated or extended if need be. Ban appeal accepted.
  14. something

    ban appeal 2

    The reason why you got 1 month, is because this is not your first time RDMing people and yes, spawn camping the same people, even if there is 2 of them, is still MassRDM. As I said, your punishment will stay for now. I told you in your previous ban appeal that you can make a new one after a...
  15. something

    Guns and armor shop

    Order ready for collection.
  16. something

    Guns and armor shop

    They will be ready tomorrow, I will contact you.
  17. something

    Server ban appeal

    Hello @Krakenttv , You are not sharing the full story to what happened, so I will give you a quick refresh, there were two officers that you decided to kill and spawn camp at hospital, when I joined the server I see your friend next to you prop pushing another player's vehicle, I blacklist...
  18. something

    Demos guide

    Demos record your gameplay in Garry's mod They are useful in replaying fun moments and finding out how something happened. This guide is focused on where to find your demo files, reviewing them and sending them. Locating your Garry's Mod folder. Usually the game is located in: C:\Program...
  19. something


    This appeal will be accepted, however if the same events occur, expect a longer punishment without the option for appealing. Ban appeal handled and moved.
  20. something


    I can confirm that Raider needs to be refunded the following: - Chemical Bottle (x18) - Chemical Powder (x18) - Fist Aid (S) (x1) Raider got RDMd and the items were looted by his killer, the person has been banned and the items will be requested to be dropped by him on his next arrival in the...