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  1. Balldrip

    Player report refund

    I can not confirm the items above nor where they went.
  2. Balldrip


  3. Balldrip

    Klash Auto Ban Appeal

  4. Balldrip

    unlawful taze

    Wrong format
  5. Balldrip

    Player report on crit

    No evidence, no puinishment.
  6. Balldrip


  7. Balldrip


    No evidence, no punishment.
  8. Balldrip


  9. Balldrip

    Promotion Via Platforms beside YouTube.

    I don't see how this contributes much to the thread at all. If you want to complain about the status of the server, go make a new thread please. But to address your statement incase you think I am avoiding it, let me make it clear here: Rule-breakers such as yourself that harm the community...
  10. Balldrip

    Promotion Via Platforms beside YouTube.

    Hello, Thank you for making this post. I can assure you the marketing team is working towards a wider outreach rather than just content creators (In this case social media). Regarding gathering clips, we will be collaborating with the media team in order to find the right things to post. I was...
  11. Balldrip

    5+ Month Ban

    New appeal created.
  12. Balldrip

    Ban Appeal

  13. Balldrip

    I don't think I explained the situation well in my response

    I thought you didn't care? Denied.
  14. Balldrip

    RDM [piaz]

  15. Balldrip

    RDM [piaz]

    For what reason?
  16. Balldrip

    Refund request

    Hello, Apologies for the lack of detail. The reported user was permanently banned, but the report would have been denied either way. It did not have enough evidence to prove the rule break. Apologies for the inconvenience, Balldrip
  17. Balldrip

    Raid timer

    This user was permanently banned for the usage of third-party software.
  18. Balldrip


    Hello @Nagisa Apologies for not stating you had an accepted player report in your ban reasoning. Please refer to this report. Locked & moved.