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  1. Jet

    Refund request

    Accepted, when you're next online please check the Bank NPC and select the Returns & Collection option. If you have any issues or questions regarding your refund, feel free to send me a message about it.
  2. Jet

    Monomaps - v3.2

    Update 3.2 Released Monomaps has been brought back online. Switched map to Paralake. Implemented all available locations into the map. Coming soon... I'll be implementing images for each respective marker when I have the time, switching everything over to Paralake took long enough due to some...
  3. Jet


    Hi, @anders183e. Can you please update this thread with the format @ so this makes it much easier on us issuing requests.
  4. Jet

    EVENT Zombie Invasion Pt. 2

    Zombie Invasion Pt. 2 The Zombies are back!! And they seem to have some new mutations! Come check out the New Zombie NPC's and come fight off waves of zombies and help the city of South Side! These new Foes are deadly and dangerous, some have new unique abilities so be on the lookout! May 13th...
  5. Jet

    Monomaps - v3.2

    After reading some of the submissions so far in the survey. It's been determined that people seem to have trouble finding specific locations within' Monomaps, also did not know that Monomaps had some useful features such as Searching Markers, and creating Custom Map Markers. Currently in the...
  6. Jet

    Monomaps - v3.2

    Monomaps Survey If you use or had used Monomaps, if you don't mind taking this quick survey, it'll help us see what all you use Monomaps for, how frequently you use it, and what you'd like to see changed in Monomaps future, this survey is only to give me an idea of what I should do to Monomaps...
  7. Jet

    Suggestion: Map Switch.

    I'm definitely all for Paralake. :cool:
  8. Jet

    Monomaps - v3.2

    Update 3.1.6 Released What's new to this version? Please press SHIFT+F5 to refresh everything to get latest changes. [UPDATE] Updated Monomaps Icons. [UPDATE] Updated Mining Icons to Pickaxes. [UPDATE] Updated Resource Markers information, shows how many nodes and what they are. [UPDATE] Added...
  9. Jet

    Monomaps - v3.2

    Update 3.1.5 Released This update mostly consists of Performance Improvements and couple bugs smashed, there's a full list of all the changes below, due to browsers love of caching, when visiting Monomaps press SHIFT+F5 to hard refresh the page and make the website use the newest images &...
  10. Jet

    EVENT Week of Events (April)

    Russian Roulette You've gambled your money away, and your last resort is Russian Roulette, so, you test your luck and hope for the best, will you be the last one standing to take home the prize? April 25th at 7pm EST. steam://connect/
  11. Jet


    Since you have only ~3 hours left on your ban time, I'll go ahead and lift it, do be more careful in the future. Accepted.
  12. Jet

    Monomaps - v3.2

    Update 3.1.4 Released What's new to this version? Added 3 new premium locker locations. - Fishing Docks - Clothing Store - Casino Added 1 new wood-cutting location. - Fishing Docks Added "Share Coordinates" feature when right clicking an area on the map. Shows a temporary marker that...
  13. Jet

    tf is wrong with my shit

    The issue was resolved, just ensure you've subscribed to the rp_southside map on the workshop.
  14. Jet

    Monomaps - v3.2

    Temporary Fix. Monomaps was failing to load Monomaps Data because it wasn't transitioning to Southside correctly, I've applied a temporary fix, you should be able to load monomaps now, you might get this error, just reload the page again and shouldn't appear anymore...
  15. Jet

    Monomaps - v3.2

    Update Version 3.1 for Monomaps. Switched Monomaps to Southside. Implemented a new Map Layer Selection. Implemented Labeled versions of the Southside Maps to include Street Names. (Both Day & Dark Versions)
  16. Jet

    not sure if daily reward glitch counts for refund or not..

    Hello @anders183e, Doesn't sound like the Daily Reward is glitched, all the items it displays in the Daily Reward UI are items you could potentially get when you claim it, it automatically chooses 1 of them at random. Refund Request will be denied.
  17. Jet

    EVENT Monolith Boxing Tournament

    Brackets Available The signups are now closed, here's the brackets, tomorrow April 1st, is the first day of the Boxing Tournament, see you then!!
  18. Jet

    Lost cooking stove, 6 pots and lobsters

    Greetings, @Mr.Jackal I do apologize that it took some time to respond to this Refund, after reviewing the evidence and logs during this timeframe, I'm going to go ahead and accept this Refund Request. Just visit a Bank Teller NPC and select "Returns and Collections" to reobtain your items...
  19. Jet

    THE TAXI MAN Ban Shorten Request

    The banning staff member is no longer part of the staff team anymore. This will be passed on to the Community Management.
  20. Jet

    EVENT Monolith Boxing Tournament

    3 more days until applications close. Be sure to put in your in-game name and steam id so we know you're attending the event and add you to the brackets when it becomes available.