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  1. MonteWasHere

    Ban Appeal

    Quaishawn James [U:1:118982879] Monte Chance Ban Length:4 weeks. Banning Staff Member: @something Ban Reason: Failure to comply with staff, Job abuse, and job corruption. Unban Reason: I've read the rules and now I'm familiar with the fact I can't do anything illegal as an EMS. It was...
  2. MonteWasHere

    Ban Appeal

    Quaishawn James STEAM_0:1:59491439 Monte Chance Perm Automatic LTAA Corrupt Police captain with huge ego and has something against me arrested me for punching a completely different police officer. The other officer had no problem with it as we were just talking and messing around in front of...
  3. MonteWasHere

    False Arrest

    I was told by a staff member in a report about a week ago that police can stop & search players. If the player resists and refuses then that is fleeing/eluding. I was just doing what I've been told. PS: Gnarly video titles.
  4. MonteWasHere

    Staff Report.

    Quaishawn James STEAM_0:1:59491439 Monte Chance @STEAM_0:1:92175862 (@HockeyExpert30) Refusal to assist me/engage in SIT. Rather than bring me to a sit to see my evidence he says "Please Explain" and then makes me wait 10 minutes. If it wasn't for the senior admin on the first ticket, I...