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  1. Mornarq

    God Be With You (Goodbye)

    Hi everyone, it's interesting to write you all here for the first and last time. Many of you know me already, some don't. I want to thank my friends in the Staff and playerbase, especially my org members and allies for all the good memories and going with me on this journey to have great RP...
  2. Mornarq

    Corruption by New Chief (He Needs Whitelist Removed)

    1. I gave you more than 2 minutes to respond, there was an active chase and I gave you many minutes to respond after my radio order. After which I repeated order on gov chat and asked for you to get on radio, then waited more minutes while continuing chase before demoting you. This was over 5-7...
  3. Mornarq


    Apologies accepted. The fact you apologized means a lot, as a minge would not apologize. Retracting report @tweety . See you in game @Ephalos !
  4. Mornarq


    Your Steam Name: Mornarq Your SteamID: 76561198063251799 Your Character Name: John Murphy Target Steam Name: Ephalos Target SteamID: 76561198055440885 Target Character Name (if known): Unknown Request Reason: VDM When did the situation occur?: 31/01/2023 at around 4:30 pm EST Your evidence to...
  5. Mornarq

    The count to 1 Million!

  6. Mornarq

    A break from monolith

    Going to miss you Emmie. Take care of yourself first and foremost.