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  1. EmmieRose

    God Be With You (Goodbye)

    I'll leave with you my friend besides you told me i was the inspiration for your org and how you got mentor because you felt inspired by me helping you when you first joined. I always stood for you, i kept staying cause of the staff i was friends with kept me going but now I'm not friends with a...
  2. EmmieRose

    RDM (No words)

    Fine im never returning to this server again i feel failed by you guys
  3. EmmieRose

    RDM (No words)

    It has to be discord i got the clip on discord its more covnient
  4. EmmieRose

    RDM (No words)

    Your Steam Name: QueenRose Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:345099 Your Character Name: Emmie Rose Target Steam Name: Respectツ Target SteamID: STEAM_0:0:644900410. Target Character Name (if known): Seath Request Reason: He rdmed me without saying anything, i was talking to someone because they said...
  5. EmmieRose

    A break from monolith

    Hi everyone, i am the famous Emmie Rose, i am just taking a break from monolith for a while to take care of myself first. I been having a hard time getting into the roleplay and the server itself. Hopefully i will return with a warm welcome!
  6. EmmieRose

    Mono: The Good & The Ugly

    I agree with this post, i try my best to be nice but there are some people who see me as a main target all because how i talk and pronounce words, i just want a server where people accept other people regardless of how they talk and pronounce words. I know it's a big wish and it'll never come to...
  7. EmmieRose

    Unban wave

    its ruins the fun of the gameplay nobody wants to be mass rdm over and over, they gave people chances and people break em
  8. EmmieRose

    Allow leaving mid raid and coming back

    -support it would be unfair gameplay
  9. EmmieRose

    Show Your Face

    Nice pose
  10. EmmieRose

    bring paralake

  11. EmmieRose

    PR of Player Targeting

    Your Steam Name: QueenRose Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:345099 Your Character Name: Emmie Rose Target Steam Name: mflewis609 Target SteamID: STEAM_0:0:208350997 Target Character Name (if known): Troy Lewis Request Reason: Player Disrespect and Targeting When did the situation occur?: 11 Pm/12 AM...
  12. EmmieRose

    Mayor female model bug

    When i become mayor i am a male model instead of female can this be fixed?
  13. EmmieRose

    Show Your Face

    Thats not me Jamal lol
  14. EmmieRose

    Why did you become staff?

    Quite a story Ajace, Thank you for sharing
  15. EmmieRose

    bring paralake

    I agree with DkDiamond it is really gross looking
  16. EmmieRose

    The never ending story

  17. EmmieRose

    PR Player Disrespect

    I appreciate your concern, but it wouldn't hurt for me to try to be staff when i really prove myself i can do anything i am very hard working and i like trying out things, i don't want to be one of those players who misses out because of their disability and try to be social as possible with...
  18. EmmieRose

    PR Player Disrespect

    Your Steam Name: EmmieRose Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:345099 Your Character Name: Emmie Rose Target Steam Name: Ultera Target SteamID: STEAM_0:0:90479750 Target Character Name (if known): Jared Ferdinand Request Reason: Player Disrespect When did the situation occur? 10:30 AM MT Zone Your...
  19. EmmieRose

    rxsm's 309th monolith creative video.

    Well done!
  20. EmmieRose

    Show Your Face

    Nice hair color tweety