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  1. heater

    Suggestion: Map Switch.

    Wym? Last I remember Truenorth there was 100+ peeps back in the day
  2. heater

    Suggestion: Map Switch.

    +support truenorth please!! Can we have a community vote on which map please?
  3. heater

    Selling Exotic Cosmetics

    I thought the civil protection mask came out once..? I'll offer 1m for it tho
  4. heater

    Refund request

    I can confirm the following items need to be refunded x1 Kev (No Helm), x1 FN Five-Seven, x1 CPR Kit, x29 Marijuana Seeds, x1 Holster
  5. heater


    I can confirm @Mak was VDMed and the following items need to be refunded x5 First Aid (S), x1 ACR-E, x1 Crafter Kevlar
  6. heater

    Where have all the OGs gone :(

    cringe but nostalgia me 5 years ago. Truenorth nostalgia; paralake;
  7. heater


    pumpkin hat and money on ur end for it pm me
  8. heater

    jah tage 16

  9. heater

    GUIDE How to Cook Meth 101

    I wanted to make this :( really good guide tho o_O
  10. heater

    Refund Request

    In-Game Name: Alex Herrera Steam Name: heater SteamID: STEAM_0:1:123736760 Date and time of loss (specify the timezone): 4/14/23 What happened: I've had the McLaren for awhile and purchased it with the intentions of it being the fastest vehicle and complicated to learn some time fly's by and...
  11. heater

    Cheating Report

    forgot to mention he prefired slick then prefired me tripling me
  12. heater

    Life and Death In Monolith RP

    i miss truenorth
  13. heater

    Cheating Report

    Your Steam Name: heater Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:123736760 Your Character Name: Alex Herrera Target Steam Name: Ickolas Jeremy Jones III Target SteamID: STEAM_0:0:551790867 Target Character Name (if known): Ick Jones Target Steam Name:「Jeff Maine」#TRUMP2024 Target SteamID: STEAM_0:0:123768724...
  14. heater

    Hats, Hats, Hats V3

    Santa Hat: 60k or trade Regular Witch Hat: 100k or trade Cauldron: Bids starting at $1,000,000 Jester Hat: $2,250,000 or OP trade Vorhee's: Not For Sale (unless OP trade) Christmas Hat: Offer or trade Demonic Witch Hat: $1,450,000 Sold! Pumpkin Hat: Offer or trade Wandering Souls: $2,000,000...
  15. heater

    Staff Report

    Your Steam Name: heater Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:123736760 Your Character Name (If Applicable): Alex Herrera Admin being reported( Tag by writing @ before their forum name) @Clutch Master FTW Reason for Report: Tried making a player report on multiple people who raided Jewelry then raided PD...
  16. heater

    Player Report

    @FreeSpy literally explained the situation and was even willing to provide logs of it happening, just because I raided you doesn't mean I'm targeting the nebula org which isn't relevant to this report regardless. You got on detective & dustin got on lieutenant right after the raid, I'm unsure...
  17. heater

    Report on heater

    Everything - was in RP - shows in logs and it's literally a 30 second video of you clearly targeting me looking at player leaderboards to get IC info OOC (metagaming) to get a report off of me, while breaking character all in one video. I will also be showing a demo of the incident shortly.
  18. heater

    Report on heater

    I'm failing to understand how I job abused? I got on medic to heal someone who was asking for heals and then got off after I didn't take out my vehicle nor have I used it to teleport anywhere.
  19. heater

    Refund Request

    In-Game Name: Alex Herrera Steam Name: heater SteamID: STEAM_0:1:123736760 Date and time of loss (specify the timezone): 11/30/22 @ 2:11 PM EST What happened: Person broke FailRP resulting to my death What do you need refunded: 1x ACR, 1x Crafted Kevlar, 4x Lockpick, Death Refund Evidence...