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  1. Stuvi

    Server down?

    Server is back up.
  2. Stuvi

    Credit giver for Aleksandr Patron

    Dont ask for money.
  3. Stuvi

    My Username is not getting approved in Custom City Roleplay Server.

    Yeah, it's really uncommon that a r o l e p l a y server wants your character to have a FIRST and LASTNAME. Locked.
  4. Stuvi

    [Official] Monoford Map Suggestions

    Closed. Monoford Status:
  5. Stuvi

    Refund request

  6. Stuvi

    Connection issue i assume

    Denied, client disconnect.
  7. Stuvi

    Server Issues Thursday

    Denied, insufficient evidence. You re-arranged your inventory in the meantime.
  8. Stuvi

    Refund after server breaking down

    Denied, insufficient evidence.
  9. Stuvi

    Varius Benson - Refund Request

    Denied, insufficient evidence.
  10. Stuvi

    Refund request Code Red for no reason

    Denied, stop reckless driving and your chase wont end in you being killed.
  11. Stuvi

    RDM Refund Request

  12. Stuvi

    Refund Requests

    Denied, you didn't link the proper screenshot and I am not looking through all of yours to find the correct one.
  13. Stuvi

    Factory Equipment Refund Request - 1/21/19

    Factory items are soul-bound and do not disappear from your inventory after deployment. Therefore this is denied.
  14. Stuvi

    MRP Customizable Attires or cars for gangs

    We're currently adding more clothing variations. Check out our devs forum signatures if you find them posting LUL
  15. Stuvi

    OOC blacklist appeal

  16. Stuvi

    Discord unban appeal

    You're banned for being an "idiot, tagging developers".
  17. Stuvi

    Ban Appeal Maybe?

    Moved to handled since he failed to respond within a week.
  18. Stuvi


  19. Stuvi

    I don't know how this works

    You can not appeal automatic bans unless you provide evidence of the ban in place being false.