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  1. Eldar987

    MonolithRP Q&A

    Try pressing F3 and then clicking on the name box. Let me know if it works
  2. Eldar987

    I just stepped down from Admin

    If you ever need me as a reference for a resume, I gotchu BangryNicoleBird
  3. Eldar987

    What are you listening to?

    Judged so hard right now
  4. Eldar987

    MonolithRP Q&A

    Yes, anything that gives you an advantage over another player through the use of glitched game mechanics is forbidden
  5. Eldar987


  6. Eldar987

    From whence you came you shall remain, Until you are complete again -Jables - Tenacious D and...

    From whence you came you shall remain, Until you are complete again -Jables - Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny
  7. Eldar987


  8. Eldar987

    Don't yell at kitties :(

    Don't yell at kitties :(
  9. Eldar987

    Anyone got VR ?

    I'm just not sure if VR is really worth it when it comes to the Vive/Oculus. I bought PSVR for my wife and I and it's great but that was only $200 and dosen't need it's own room. They need to figure out a way to have tracking without the need for motion sensors.
  10. Eldar987

    Who would win, in a cook off? Tyro and Violence. or Gurrazor with his god powers.

    @Chef of course, it's in the name.
  11. Eldar987

    Staff Report [Angryhalobird]

    I was about to post a player report, but since you can't seem to keep my name out of your mouth or Angry's for that matter. Let's show some of your behavior from tonight shall we? I'm sorry that you feel wronged, you weren't. Stop picking fights with staff under threat of report because...
  12. Eldar987

    Eldar's Appeal

    Your Steam Name: Eldar Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:29287655 Your Character Name: Eldar Shakmarov Ban Length: 24 hours Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @Angryhalobird Ban Reason: "Circumventing an OOC blacklist" Unban Reason: I don't feel my IC shit talk in /ad...
  13. Eldar987

    The Surrender of The Alcinia Family

    So, you are not surrendering then?
  14. Eldar987

    The Surrender of The Alcinia Family

    The Lost Guardians accept your surrender. You will be placed under the "Dominated" category
  15. Eldar987

    Player Report [Eldar]

    Up until today, the only incident in which a TLG member has ever broken a rule was when TheJD killed you in spawn and you staff reported him for it and it was handled. A majority of our members have never even been in a sit or reported. Where are you getting this information? Or once again are...
  16. Eldar987

    Player Report [Eldar]

    We have footage of you raiding with them, once again. Stop playing the victim here. Take some accountability for your actions. TLG has never, nor will ever recieve any sort of "Protection" from senior staff. If you knew my history with the staff team you would very clearly see that I am in no...
  17. Eldar987

    Player Report [Eldar]

    He was tagged by me, as the situation you mention specifically in which I "Target you" and Angry was "biased" he was one of the three individuals holding you at gun point.
  18. Eldar987

    Player Report [Eldar]

    You're entire org need to stop playing the victim. You cannot honestly expect the senior staff team to believe that you are all perfect angels being antagonized for no reason by various orgs. Every-time we lay low, you boys come start shit > You lose. > You talk shit > You bait people into...
  19. Eldar987

    Player Report [Eldar]

    I believe that's called a typo my guy. 1. You don't! You are 100% right. You do however, have to comply at gun point to leave the building under FearRP. Which you did not. What's your point here? Player targeting? We've had one interaction with you in which you broke FearRP and were killed...
  20. Eldar987

    Player Report [Eldar]

    Yes, he's an ORG member. Yes, we were in the same discord (which is totally allowed per Mono rules btw.). He enforced the rules and I am blacklisted and whats the problem? If this a report on Angry make a staff report. If not, keep blowing smoke.He was the ONLY staff member online to...