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  1. DangerZone640

    Ah, that's just because the pilot chose hard instead of easy.

    Ah, that's just because the pilot chose hard instead of easy.
  2. DangerZone640

    Yay! (Idk wat 4 tho)

    Yay! (Idk wat 4 tho)
  3. DangerZone640

    Issues With Microphone (NEED HELP)

    Have you tried disabling every other mic other than the one you use? Right click the sound icon in the bottom right and click sounds Then click recording and disable all the other ones that you don't use except for the mic you are using, should look like this:
  4. DangerZone640


    Saw you a bit on discord, good to see you.
  5. DangerZone640

    This is a serious discussion (Poll)

    Alright, ima about to go into some serious depth here. So pizza tastes really good, you can put a ton of different toppings on it depending on the person and it will taste different in many different ways. You can definitely get a lot more combinations in pizza as it is kinda hard to fuck up...
  6. DangerZone640

    is that advertising? (o._O) (These shitty emojis, cant do o _ O)

    is that advertising? (o._O) (These shitty emojis, cant do o _ O)
  7. DangerZone640

    Staff Appreciation.

    Name: Why is this here Staff: @Mr Creeper Reason: being a cool dude who paid me for correcting him in OOC (All staff are awesome not just the individuals, you've all been amazin)
  8. DangerZone640

    MRP Mentor additions

    This has already been brought up a whole long time ago and my position on the topic still stands, it would be nice to identify mentors however, I believe it isnt necessary and I can guarantee that someone new will mistake a mentor as a member of the staff team
  9. DangerZone640

    Favorite Movie Playlist/Song

    I am curious what y'alls favorite movie playlist or song. This can be any movie at all. My favorite rn is Spiderverse.
  10. DangerZone640

    Enzo Escobar Returns

    Get this man a phone booth.... (Lemme know if u get the reference)
  11. DangerZone640

    Quick Introduction - Floki Osbern

    Glad to see you choose this server to enjoy your time on. Have fun!
  12. DangerZone640


    Funny picture, confusing but why under discussion?
  13. DangerZone640

    Car Acceleration/Top Speed Bars

    Would be nice but would also take a lot of time to test them.
  14. DangerZone640

    Leo Giovanni Introduction

    Glad to see you taking up a new alias! It's always nice to switch it up every once in awhile.
  15. DangerZone640

    Can We Have More Vehicles PLEASE

    It has been stated multiple times in the past, the devs arent going to add any vehicles because we already have so many and it takes a lot of resources.
  16. DangerZone640


    Glad to see you return! I hope you have fun whilst playing! Just please keep yourself out of drama and follow the rules and you will be fine. (Be sure to show respect! This is very important!)
  17. DangerZone640

    Ayy it's my B-Day yay, also Samsung Unpacked! Also, I get my new motherboard.

    Ayy it's my B-Day yay, also Samsung Unpacked! Also, I get my new motherboard.
  18. DangerZone640

    FEEDBACK Mayors “Skills”

    I think there a couple of apps on the mayor tablet that dont to anything, might be fixed if they ever do a mayor overhaul like Fd
  19. DangerZone640

    MRP can we have poker already? Gambling world.

    Can I get a YEEE HAW BROTHER +Yeetothehaw
  20. DangerZone640

    Opinion on Rust Wipes

    Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope. I cannot stress enough how terrible a second server is. No second server, end of story.