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  1. rako

    Is This Normal?

    The issue should be resolved shortly, tomorrow you should be able to use your own IP to play normally. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  2. rako

    Is This Normal?

    Yeah just try it so I can pass it further, maybe we'll be able to fix it for you
  3. rako

    Is This Normal?

    Try using a VPN, some people with specific IP's (countries) have issues pinging our API, or something. It fixed it for Russian users.
  4. rako

    Still missing item models after all content installed

    That's not CSS - You have to reload the game between subscribing to stuff, it sometimes doesn't load. Probably when you jump on today you won't have this problem.
  5. rako

    MRP Suggetion for Enchanded rp

    I've heard of the same thing but /do
  6. rako

    Got Banned for prop pushing a vehicle Gently that was there for 30 minutes preventing us of spawning our cars

    I have banned you. You were pushing my vehicle - The vehicle wasn't there for 30 minutes, more like 5 minutes because I was dealing with 2 prisoners. 4 police members weren't trying to move it, just you, one of them was staff. Other officers realized that it is proppushing, but you didn't.
  7. rako

    Package Delivery Job Ruins Roleplay Experience And Should Be Nerfed

    As others pointed out, UPS is the best starting out job - Farming is that bad at the beginning, because it's stupidly OP at end-game. With UPS you cannot improve yourself/or craft items such as food and wines, you're kind of stuck there with no progression but okay-at-beginning-pay.
  8. rako

    Package Delivery Job Ruins Roleplay Experience And Should Be Nerfed

    You do understand that's PER one sampling? Where you can plant up to 10 afaik, also, the prices have changed over time. Anyways, UPS will be replaced with trucking missions. That have completely different dynamic
  9. rako

    I like me new signature

    I like me new signature
  10. rako

    Crashing While Downloading MonolithRP Assets

    Just do it again, cache gets too big and the amount of shit in memory causes clients to crash. This will eventually happen as you join many different servers, sadly.
  11. rako

    MRP Firefighter Rework

    The whole 911 system will be redone in the future :)
  12. rako

    MRP Firefighter Rework

    Oh I am working on adding job-only CPR kits, so don't worry about that :)
  13. rako

    MRP EMS Stabilization Prompt

    Stabilizing and leaving players should not be penalized, if they were at their capability and couldn't carry you to the ambulance, you will get up at the same spot anyways.
  14. rako

    MRP Firefighter Rework

    I have just turned down the fires and you want them back up? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh In future I'm thinking of redoing the missions so there's a little variety to it
  15. rako

    MRP Window Curtains

    I like the idea of barriers.
  16. rako

    Crashing While Downloading MonolithRP Assets

    Try to remove those folders and reconnect. Don't use chromium for now. Are you on windows?
  17. rako

    MRP Bleeding out

    Yeah, later down the time, some time after monoford I'll look into it
  18. rako

    FEEDBACK Medical Charges Feedback

    How much money do you have in your bank & wallet? The paper notification can be inaccurate, make sure you check the console or the litte pop in notification
  19. rako

    Hey FacePunchers, trying to bind a key to do two things.

    As it was mentioned above, you could download AHK and make a macro that does similar thing for you, with a delay of 0.50 seconds before next command
  20. rako

    Interface is glitching out

    Do you get any other artifacts in the game, like on textures and such? Try updating your GPU's drivers - artifacting such as this should not happen and it might be a hardware issue.