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  1. Eden


    are you for real guy ? why don't you look up for some tutorials on editing and make your own ?
  2. Eden

    MRP * Major Upgrades/Features I Think We All Want To See *

    There is so many stuff that can be added to the game related to new guns such as a rework of health system, having limbs, bleeding crafting guns without that new factory system in my opinion its not that great .... knives are some how useless to be honest unless you want people to easily...
  3. Eden

    What does your gaming setup look like?

    why dafuq is your fan not centerd?
  4. Eden

    Want a forum signature?

    thats basically what hazza was doing and it looks almost the same and "inspired by"
  5. Eden

    [Technical] Crashing while connecting to Monolith Rust? Use Discord? Read this!

    maybe thats why it's taking me 30 minutes to load in a server :thinking:
  6. Eden

    [Technical] Crashing while connecting to Monolith Rust? Use Discord? Read this!

    I really want to believe it's just a theory cause everytime i played rust with the overlay on Rust never had issues with it But Thanks for the guide, who knows maybe i'll need it :D
  7. Eden

    MRP Police Vehicles despawn upon death

    then the cops would just AFK in pd waiting those 10min
  8. Eden

    MRP Police Vehicles despawn upon death

    you know how many times after i killed a cop or a player and stole his car to run from the cops 99% of the times the car would just despawn i had a 30 minutes car chase back in paralake what will happend if a cop car decide to despawn on me after 5 minute ? "oh no it's my car and i want it back...
  9. Eden

    MRP Police Vehicles despawn upon death

    you guys are missing the point that it's RP you not going in real life seeing cars just dissapearing right ? AND if you kill a cop and you wanna disguise yourself as the cop if you kill him silently ? you guys are just too spoiled
  10. Eden

    LFG - Thread

    First thread in the new RUST category ! if you want people to play with just comment LFG and who knows someone will contact you but Reign : Reign is Recruiting skilled players to monolith's server that will be played permanently every wipe, Our goal is to reach end game by the fastest time...
  11. Eden

    The Monolith - Album

  12. Eden

    Anyone for Rust monolith's wipe?

    Anyone for Rust monolith's wipe?
  13. Eden

    RUST Kits

    Description of suggestion: The title is pretty self explanatory i suggest that you add 3 more kits like discord, steam, forum, verified members who linked their rust account to monolith's forums, steam group and discord will get a kit forum for example can give 2500 sulfur and 500 LGF, Kit Steam...
  14. Eden

    RUST Add a new segment on the forums

    It looks pretty nice to be honest,
  15. Eden

    MRP Stock Market

    -support unless the coding will be super advanced that "plugin" can break really easily and a lot of bugs will be there and i can already see it "i lost my money" "i want refund"
  16. Eden

    RUST Add a new segment on the forums

    Description of suggestion: Under monoRP category add Rust as a category Reason why it should be added: it will be a lot more better for new players, if they see mono RP it will be confusing and also for exped people instead of going into MonoRP to suggest rust items they can just do it in...
  17. Eden

    Newsletter - 09.02.2019

    the rust server is dead
  18. Eden

    Show Your Face

  19. Eden

    preview that is bad

    it was so bad i rage quit
  20. Eden

    Apex Legends

    Easiest BR Game ! Some Flex GRR GRR !! add me if you wanna Queue some times Origin : MiraculousMETA See pics below Discord Ron#5672