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  1. Jamal Jackson

    Vehicle blacklist appeal

    Your Steam Name: Nac Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:543088211 Your Character Name: Jamal Jackson Which Staff blacklisted you: Hatchet tazz What were you blacklisted from: Vehicle Blacklist Length: 1 week Blacklist Reason: Attempted mass vdm Unblacklist Reason: i understand that what i did was not...
  2. Jamal Jackson

    EVENT MonoAwards 2022: Nominee Voting

    Best Roleplayer - Ansly Rock Top Fragger - Frank Applesauce Top VDMer - John Stroganoff Top Raider - Rae Lefart Best Mayor - John Kiddler, Best PD - Alex Archer Best FD - Shay Cass Best Medic - Ethan Oxford, Most Comedic - Rick Rock Best Org -, Bhuddyism Best Roleplaying staff - Connor...
  3. Jamal Jackson


    In the new 2.2 Update, MonoLyft will be giving away all the Byrek me Djathë dhe Spinaq to everyone we meet!
  4. Jamal Jackson

    close this

    do you have any pistols
  5. Jamal Jackson

    gambling 3.5 million

    how about you shut up
  6. Jamal Jackson


    We are Albanian Spongebob, you are half eaten malteser.
  7. Jamal Jackson


    Eid Mubarak from MonoLyft to all of our fellow Rockfordians!
  8. Jamal Jackson

    Jamal J Jackson Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Nac Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from STEAM_0:1:543088211 Your Character Name: Jamal Jackson Ban Length: Permanent Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @Thy Ban Reason: NITRP Unban Reason: I understand my ban for NITRP, what I wrote...
  9. Jamal Jackson


    Member when Monolyft was active? I MEMBER! Member when Quantum was buff? I MEMBER! Member Chewbacca?! OH YA I MEMBER CHEWBACCA!
  10. Jamal Jackson

    Show Your Face

    hey broski like your style wanna play some prominence poker its totally awesome sauce
  11. Jamal Jackson

    Show Your Face

    Me Ansly, rick rock, frank saints and Emmie rose just met up it was a great time emmie got so drunk!!!! some might say it was awesomesauce
  12. Jamal Jackson

    run that back

    yeah i did not appreciate the rude comment
  13. Jamal Jackson

    Ban Appeal

  14. Jamal Jackson


    Steam Name: Nac Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from 76561199046442151 Your Character Name: Jamal Jackson Ban Length: 1 day Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): console Ban Reason: LTAA Unban Reason: i was messing around with my friend and i retryed...
  15. Jamal Jackson

    EVENT MonoAwards 2021: Nominee Voting

    Best Roleplayer - Roger Gruezo Top Fragger - Jah mylan Top VDMer - Johnny O'Neal Top Raider - Ansly Rock Best Mayor - N/A Best Law Enforcement Official - Ryan Brian Best Fire Department Official - N/A Best Health Professional - Berry Gundersob Most Comedic Player - Roger Gruezo Most Helpful...
  16. Jamal Jackson

    this guy is awesome

    this guy is awesome