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  1. Sp00py_Troller

    I'm not really active here anymore but I thought I'd show y'all something cool I did [MEDIA]

    I'm not really active here anymore but I thought I'd show y'all something cool I did
  2. Sp00py_Troller

    My last fragtage

    Video games aren't fun to me anymore, and Monolith is too much of a grind just to afford bullets. Lost everything in the casino about a year ago, lol. My entertainment now is working on my project car, 1968 Cadillac Eldorado; I'm about 2 weeks away or probably less from getting it back on the...
  3. Sp00py_Troller

    My last fragtage

    the song made it better, admit it
  4. Sp00py_Troller

    My last fragtage

    I got a few old clips from 2021. Haven't been active in a long time, so I just wanted to post my last clips.
  5. Sp00py_Troller


    I took a look at my demos folder yesterday but couldn't figure out how to play them, is there a specific app for it?
  6. Sp00py_Troller


    In-Game Name: Rick Crowder Steam Name: The Stink Fiend SteamID: STEAM_0:1:89358175 Date and time of loss (specify the timezone): around 2:05 A.M. central time 3/25/2022 What happened: prop kill/rdm What do you need refunded: 3 medical bills, im not sure the exact price but it adds up to over...
  7. Sp00py_Troller


    Your Steam Name: The stink fiend Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:89358175 Your Character Name: Rick Crowder Target Steam Name: LOL Target SteamID: STEAM_0:1:123736760 Target Character Name (if known): Request Reason: Prop kill/prop push, RDM x4(against me) + mass rdm, attempted prop push a fourth time...
  8. Sp00py_Troller


  9. Sp00py_Troller


    I can get on right now, i'll edit this with my phone number when I get on. 813-898-2079 @Jamal Hisin
  10. Sp00py_Troller


    do you still have the ksgs?
  11. Sp00py_Troller


    I probably can't get on tonight, sorry, im pretty busy, I can be on tomorrow
  12. Sp00py_Troller


    I want both ksg's. but are they 100%?
  13. Sp00py_Troller

    I'm Back

  14. Sp00py_Troller

    GTA 4 Monolith Loading Screen

    This is epic
  15. Sp00py_Troller

    Liao Fragtage

    How did you get that weapon skin at 1:55
  16. Sp00py_Troller

    Yea why is it a sad day for gamblers?

    Yea why is it a sad day for gamblers?
  17. Sp00py_Troller

    Bendetti Legacy

    Good luck bro
  18. Sp00py_Troller

    I quit

  19. Sp00py_Troller

    -mentor +Premium

    -mentor +Premium
  20. Sp00py_Troller

    I'm too good

    I'm too good