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  1. ibTravis

    bro lost to me in CS when i had 100 ping and he had 1... AINT NO WAY

    bro lost to me in CS when i had 100 ping and he had 1... AINT NO WAY
  2. ibTravis

    L Police Harassment

    This report will be considered CLOSED / DENIED as it appears you have given a statement in your most recent comment. In regard to the evidence you have provided, it appears that you have broken multiple rules while taking the situation into your own hands. In the first video provided, any...
  3. ibTravis

    Chipo97 Ban Appeal | LTAA (Restrained) | 12hrs

    As your ban has since expired, I am going to CLOSE this report. If you would like to request a refund for the items you lost, or report the individual who arrested you please refer to the forum sections regarding those inquiries. If you choose to file a request, please provide proof to...
  4. ibTravis

    signed by Police Supervisor Tray Bizzle. Thanks for the $20 PayPal

    signed by Police Supervisor Tray Bizzle. Thanks for the $20 PayPal
  5. ibTravis


    Ban Timer Expired
  6. ibTravis

    Racism Ban Appeal

    Without getting into this topic further, it appears that you have been punished in the past for this same conduct. It would have been well within my right to give you a longer punishment but I feel that everyone is capable of turning a new leaf. Upon your arrival back to Monoford in a week, I...
  7. ibTravis

    Marcus Johnson Unban

    Hello, I explained to you in the original administrative sit that you received the weapons blacklist based on the incident that occurred and your prior history. Given that you "spend a good amount of time on here RPing" one could reasonably expect that you would be aware of the rules. I took a...
  8. ibTravis

    Ban Appeal

    Good Evening, This punishment was meant for another individual that was in the server while you were playing. I apologize for any troubles that arose from this situation. you have been unbanned. Regards, ibTravis
  9. ibTravis

    Police Minge

    For clarification, I believe you are meaning to report DANIEL Smith not DARRELL Smith. At the time of this Evo Lane incident, I was sitting in the PD back garage with Darrell Smith as we could not spawn in any vehicles due to a lack of budget. Additionally, the voice in the video provided does...
  10. ibTravis

    Firearm Blacklist

    You were issued a twenty-four-hour weapons blacklist in lieu of a ban so you had the opportunity to read over and better understand the Monolith server rules without missing out on any potential roleplay experiences. In addition to the RDM, you also admitted to using a third-party...
  11. ibTravis

    Left to Avoid Punishment

    As a Chief of Police, I have had officers come to me and complain about the listed subject abusing his spike stripes. I have previously counseled Simon Garner on when it is appropriate to use the stripes, and it appears he has not changed. I agree that this report is valid and action should be...
  12. ibTravis

    SGT. Young Police Abuse Report

    Will you please cite and reference in Monoford law which states a parked vehicle must be parallel parked while in a designated parking area? As seen in the video, the length of the parking easement is exponential compared to the length of my vehicle. I do not believe that you can create laws...
  13. ibTravis

    SGT. Young Police Abuse Report

    I requested to speak to you at the Police Department to get your reasoning behind issuing the citation, as I stated in my original post multiple times. The administrator on scene checked the logs and told you I did not accept my own appeal. The car was parked sideways, yes, but within the...
  14. ibTravis

    SGT. Young Police Abuse Report

    Your Steam Name: ibTravis Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:58623438 Your Character Name: Tray Bizzle Target Steam Name: YoungHabby Target SteamID: STEAM_0:1:122905120 Target Character Name (if known): SGT. Young / Pablo Young Request Reason: While in the town square collecting pumpkins for the...