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  1. Jimmy Jimson

    Jimmy's GMod Adventures 1

    All footage is from a 5 minute clip I took last night. I did not get banned. also I use HitFilm Express for editing.
  2. Jimmy Jimson

    Life and Death In Monolith RP

    Man, those were the glory days. What happened :(
  3. Jimmy Jimson

    Defamation Complaint

    Your Steam Name: jColborn Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:445364752 Your Character Name: The Honorable Mr. Jimson Admin being reported: They're not an admin Staff member being reported: @Briceps Reason for Report: Defamation/Libel Evidence to support your claim: See attached document Additional...
  4. Jimmy Jimson


    no I just put my steamid there I am not a haxer! swear!
  5. Jimmy Jimson


    Your Steam Name: jcolbron Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:22538884 Your Character Name: jimmy jimson Target Steam Name: trooper c winters @Trooper C. Winters Target SteamID: STEAM_0:0:445364752 Target Character Name (if known): connor Request Reason: obvious hax! not even hiding! there's no other...
  6. Jimmy Jimson

    Time Trial: City Slicker

    This was the smoothest run I could get in the crown vic, that left turn at the end of Trinity is one heck of a run killer
  7. Jimmy Jimson

    Monolith Media Gathering Thread

    SWAT raid event but I'm using an m1911 instead of a rifle I didn't like people camping in the casino for shootouts so I waited in their car (also I did say "Surprise!" but my recording didn't capture my mic) Aimbot locked onto my teammate A detective appears behind you
  8. Jimmy Jimson

    A Cop Main's VDM Montage

    Sorry for bad quality on a lot of the clips, I used to record in 720p
  9. Jimmy Jimson

    Probation Application

    Your Steam Name: jColborn Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:445364752 Your Character Name: Jimmy Jimson Which Staff blacklisted you: @Trooper C. Winters What were you blacklisted from: Police Dept. Blacklist Length: 1 month (Feb. 1st) Blacklist Reason: Supervisor Action (Torturing a prisoner with fire)...
  10. Jimmy Jimson

    Deleted my whiteboard without warning

    Sorry, I misunderstood that but I'm not complaining about not being allowed to do it. Instead of deleting it right away and getting me and the guy I was with killed, why didn't you tell me that it's not allowed and give me a chance to pick it up and close my door? felt pretty uncool to me
  11. Jimmy Jimson

    Deleted my whiteboard without warning

    Your Steam Name: jcolbron Your Steam ID: Your Character Name (If Applicable): jimmy jimson Admin being reported: @Backflare Reason for Report: Deleted my $3000 ($1000) sign during the purge without warning, leading to me dying as there were at least 3 guys waiting on the other side...
  12. Jimmy Jimson

    Mean lieutenant arrest me 4 no reeson!

    Your Steam Name: jcolbron Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:445364752 Your Character Name: jimmy jimson Target Steam Name: Target SteamID: Target Character Name (if known): Jay Mcdowell Request Reason: Disrespected me and arrested me as the mayor for "not giving budget" even though I gave more the PD...
  13. Jimmy Jimson

    FEEDBACK Catch Up Mechanic

    Type of feedback: Suggestion Title: Catch-up Mechanic The server's dying and it needs new players. I think that a massive barrier to new players staying with the server is the way that a large portion of content is locked behind hours of boring grinding to increase player and skill levels. To...
  14. Jimmy Jimson

    Rule change

    How are you supposed to enforce this if you don't know all the cops at the scene and there's a ton of them? Does every cop have to check everybody's pulse just to make sure? What if there's still a fight going on, or another fight breaks out elsewhere and they need to leave? Maybe instead police...
  15. Jimmy Jimson

    Police report

    first of all I'm the one being accused so you're the one that needs to disprove it. Secondly, it's Nik Melander and you can ask him yourself but I doubt he even remembers this
  16. Jimmy Jimson

    Jimmy Jimson's fragtage

    I have some VDM and memey clips I can put into a montage next if y'all want
  17. Jimmy Jimson

    Police report

    Bro you're funny, I neither shot nor tried to arrest the mayor. I was fooling around during this situation and "supporting" John Michael the "real" mayor. I never planned on actually overthrowing the mayor. The person I shot, Nik Melander, is a friend and I stabilized him and got him revived...
  18. Jimmy Jimson

    Police report

    man like I told you a bazillion times in gov chat, I didn't shoot you here. At the start of the video I think I hit you with some ricochet while blowing up an ambulance driven by Darth Vader, then later at 1:48 you were purposely shot at by 2 other cops.
  19. Jimmy Jimson

    pls explain

    Marwan reached out to me and we settled it in discord DMs, thanks!
  20. Jimmy Jimson

    pls explain

    I dont care about the ban being lifted, just explain what the ban was for and what you saw/evidence to support it please. Thankies!