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Monolith Newcomer
Oct 18, 2017

You have reached the 2021 How To: Weed guide
This is my second entry in the "How To: Guides and Methodology" topic realm due to good reception.
Hope you all enjoy and find this resource useful.
Before starting, make sure you have ≈ $8,000 and have a Farming Skill Level of 15 in order to successfully complete this guide
[Character Level 25 required to purchase Watering Extension Kit]

prop1 - Copy.png

Step 1: Purchase or Rent Property that includes Standard Electrical Outlets from Real Estate

Tip: Warehouses and similar facilities for manufacturing purposes will mainly include Machinery Outlets, whereas Residential type properties include Standard Electrical Outlets.

Step 2: Collect Supplies

In order to complete this process, you will need at least 1 of each supply item listed below:
(To obtain these items, visit the Drug Dealer at one of the Narcotics Sales Sites)
Watering Can
Small Light Tent
Bucket Pot(s)
Soil Pack(s)
Marijuana Seed(s)
Foil Machine
Watering Extension Kit (Optional)

NOTE: Using a Watering Extension Kit is not needed to complete this guide.
Watering Extension Kits automate the flow of water directly to the plants without an operator.
Watering Extension Kits have the benefit for automating the flow of water however it will emit a loud noise even if you are listening from the exterior of your property.
Your location as well as the placement/position of this equipment will either raise or lower your risk of detection.

prod1 - Copy.png

Step 3: Production/Manufacturing Process

In order to correctly Produce/Manufacture this substance, follow these steps in order within the confine of your property that you purchased/rented:

Harvesting Phase
1: Deploy Small Light Tent and plug into any available Standard Electrical Outlet located within your property/residence.​
2: Deploy (6) Bucket Pots and place down Soil Packs over each Bucket Pot to fill them with soil.
3: Before planting seeds, you will need to hydrate the soil. To do this, take out your Watering Can and water the buckets of soil.
4: Plant Marijuana Seeds by pressing "E" on each Bucket of Soil.
Tip: You can enter the Small Light Tent and close the Flap behind you by pressing "E". This will prevent the smell from permeating.​
5: Maintain the water levels of each Plant. If you fail to maintain the water/hydration levels of your plants, your crop will fail!​
6: Keep maintaining the water levels until the Plant reaches full height and cannot grow anymore (or 100%). This means your crop is ready for harvest!


Processing Phase

Take note the amount of Drug Props deployed, you may have to put things back into your Inventory.
[MAX: 5]
1a: Deploy Microwave and plug into any available Standard Electrical Outlet located within your property/residence.​
2b: Deploy Wet Brick(s), put it inside of the Microwave and press "E" to start the heating/drying process.
Once the Microwave has dried each 1 quantity of Wet Brick, it will dispense it as Dried Hash.

(Repeat Step 1a and 2b for the remaining quantity of Wet Bricks in your possession.)​
3b: Deploy Foil Machine, and place the Dried Hash on it in order to start the sealing process.
Once the Foil Machine seals each 1 quantity of Dried Hash, it will be dispensed as your final product!

(Repeat this step for the remaining quantity of Dried Hash in your possession.)​
4b: Safely transport product to Drug Dealer for payout then secure payout in ATM/Bank/Locker


payout - Copy.png
Step 4: Payout Process (Includes related Market Value Information)

Safely transport product to Drug Dealer for payout then secure payout at:
ATM/Obsidian Crown Financial Group Monoford branch/Obsidian Crown Financial Group Falcon Creek branch/Premium Lockers.

(This step is included as part of the production process but for those who are inexperienced or those seeking detailed information, here it is)

Approximately / ≈ / About: $300 each 1 quantity
Quantity: 10​
Payout: ≈ $3,000
Quantity: 32 (commonly referred to as; 1 stack)​
Payout: ≈ $9,200

Here is the Market Value Information for the supplies included in the list above:

GameIV - Copy.png

NOTE: The figure(s) shown are prices as of 03/09/21 with no Mayor present (default taxes, above 0%).
These figure(s) are subject to change as time progresses, and as Tax amounts are raised and lowered by an appointed Mayor.

Here are the (NSS) Narcotics Sales Sites:
Special Thanks to ✪ BullyHunter for the Enhanced Maps! Rest in Peace.

in Layer 1/Monoford/Sunset Island:

nss1b - Copy.png

Located in Layer 2/Falcon Creek/Pine County:

nss2b - Copy.png


You made it to the end of the guide!

Thanks for viewing this page, I hope it helps you in your business endeavors and pursuit for prosperity and financial freedom.

Any and all feedback/comments/discussions in the comment section below is greatly appreciated!

If you would like more "How To" guides like the one you saw here and have any suggestions feel free to contact me in-game or over direct message on this forum.

Thanks again and have a great time!

[P.S. depending on how you are viewing this page, you might experience visual errors due to formatting.

For best experience, view in Desktop and make sure you are signed into the forums!]
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Monolith Addict
Dec 11, 2019
This is a really well organised guide that may help new players. Well done!


MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
Forum Moderator
Event Team
Police Supervisor
Apr 11, 2019
Nice guide!



Monolith Addict
Jun 28, 2019


MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
Forum Moderator
Event Team
Police Supervisor
Apr 11, 2019
Can you pickup the tent and the pots and microwave/foiler after you're done?
Yes. Make sure you put the items that are drop on death into your bank.